We had a really hot summer this year.

I actually say the same phrase every year though, now the season has already turned to autumn.

Speaking of autumn, autumn is the season of harvest, the season of art, and the season of appetite –.

I want to avoid gaining weight due to take advantage of “the season of appetite”.

While saying so, I feel close to a big-bellied raccoon dog on a TV show called “Heisei Tanuki-gassen Ponpoko”.

Well, if a raccoon dog has a pudgy belly, it’s rather cute; and so are human babies.

However, when it comes to human adults, sadly it’s called Metabolic Syndrome.

Of course, there are causes why people in modern age easily get belly bellies. I am going to tell you three causes why adults get extra fat only around their midsection and how to get rid of it this time.

If you have tendency to get a big belly easily, don’t miss it!


The cause #1: Intestines

I have mentioned about the work of intestines many times in HAMA NEWS.

Yes! The cause why you easily gain fat around your waist lies in your intestines!

Your intestines and belly are very closely related and I would say that intestines can be the main cause of getting big bellies. People who are not over-weight or fat but have big bellies, be careful! Your intestines may be facing a critical condition.
In fact, if the location of your intestines move down, your body shows various reactions.

For example, you may cycle between diarrhea and constipation. I’m sorry if you are at table, but I would like to talk about excretion for a little.

We often hear the phrase that “I have got a big belly because of constipation.” It happens because accumulated feces are not removed smoothly.

On the other hand, there are people who have big bellies but have a touch of diarrhea. This happens because our bodies accumulate fat around our bellies to protect the sagged intestines.

Then our bodies fall into the fat gaining cycle.

To keep our bodies healthy, it’s crucial to improve our intestinal conditions.


The cause #2: Obesity

The word “obesity” makes me think of a big fat person. However, increasing number of people in modern age are classified as hidden-obesity.

As mentioned in the cause #1 section, when the location of intestines move down and the intestinal environment is worsened. As a consequence, we get big fatty bellies.

People who look slim tend not to realize when they are getting big bellies. The cause is “Overall, I am slime.”

When we think we are slim, we don’t go on a diet, don’t we?

Therefore, people who have higher body fat percentage but whose weights are within the standard range are in fact obese and the obesity is the cause of their big bellies.


The cause #3: Ageing

Yes. I know when I use the word “ageing” many people say there is nothing they can do to resist it.

Still, as ageing is one of the causes we get big bellies, I need to tell you about it.

Another cause you get a big belly is ageing. I know no one wants it.

However, ageing is not a direct cause of getting big bellies. For example, a Japanese singer Hiromi Go – who has just turned to 60 – is still keeping the same fit body as in his youth.
On the contrary, a TV personality Emiko Kaminuma – who is tremendously popular in Osaka and the same age as Go – is no longer fit like him. She looks her age, though. (I’m sorry if this sounds offensive.)

It’s a well-known story that our muscles become weaker by ageing. Iliopsoas muscle has an important role to prevent from getting a big-belly.

The iliopsoas muscle is the general name for iliac muscle and psoas muscle. It’s located directly above the pelvis, and as the iliopsoas muscle becomes weaker, the pelvis becomes open backward. As a consequence, the body will gradually become plump and this can be a cause of having the big-belly.

The iliopsoas muscle starts declining at the age of around 30. Therefore, it’s better to start exercising for building iliopsoas muscle to stop muscle aging as well as preventing from having the big-fat-belly.

No one can avoid aging. But you can say good-bye to your big-belly by doing a little stretching exercises regularly

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