Dieting is often associated with the words “tough, hard, discouraging”. It does not have a pleasant image.

“Oh dear, are there any easy ways to lose weight?”

You may be longing for an appearance of a universal robot that makes your wishes come true.

I wish I could get his help and asked him to turn me into a cool and nice middle-aged man – well, it was just a reality escape.

During the diet period, we tend to focus on our own body shapes, but if you look around you will find quite a few big-eaters who are slim.

Some people are able to keep their body fit, even though they occasionally drink a good amount of beer or sake, and eat snacks with those drinks. They make me envious!

So, how can some people be “big-eater but skinny”?

The answer is that they have a “naturally-slim body constitution”.

Although there is no easy way, but I am going to tell you three tips to get the naturally-slim body constitution. Let’s make it happen with me!


Muscles have a key role!

I would like to summarize the characteristics of people who have the naturally-slim body constitution.

They have a moderate amount of body fat – not too fat or not too skinny. Their dietary lifestyle is not particularly unique – eat things they like but moderately.

You may think that this is a genetic matter. Of course, some genes are related to our body constitution, but this time we will leave the DNA-related topics aside.

People who have the naturally-slim body constitution have reasonably strong muscles.

We have basal metabolism. The basal metabolism increases by building good muscles. Therefore, even during the sleep, the amount of calories consumed by each individual differs.

When you are trying to lose weight, you should also check your body fat percentage.

Let’s say, there are two females who are both 160 cm tall and weight 53 kg, but their body fat percentages are 20 % and 29 %. You will find that the woman who has higher body fat percentage look bigger even they both weighed the same.

If you want to get a fast metabolism, add muscle trainings to your daily exercises.


Live a well-regulated life

Majority of people who have the naturally-slim body constitution have a well-regulated life. You may think it’s impossible to get up at the same time every day, eat meals regularly and go to bet at the same time every night while you are busy in this modern era.

I understand that your work and living environment affect your daily schedules but at least try to have regular rising and sleeping hours.

This is important for your brain to memorize your regular life cycle. Once it’s set, your defection cycle will be regulated. The defection is the most important function for our bodies to remove body wastes.

The thing to be reconsidered after sleeping is diet. Eat three times a day regularly, and eat something light for dinner which will be less load to the body.

Some says “Eat breakfast like a king, eat dinner like a commoner. Take higher calories in the morning while you are active, and take less before you go to bed.

You don’t need to be too strict on your diet. If you eat a deep-fried pork or chicken for lunch, skip taking carbohydrate for dinner. Every small effort makes difference.


People with no constipation have no extra fat

People who have the naturally-slim body constitution are usually not constipated.
Therefore, they don’t get annoyed with podgy bellies, and are able to spend their time peacefully thanks to their clean and refreshed body conditions.
There are various reasons we get constipated, but one of the major factors is the diet.

When you eat, necessary nutrients are digested and absorbed in your intestines, and then, so called “food residues” are excreted in feces.

People who have the naturally-slim body constitution have good intestinal environment and have well-balanced good and bad intestinal bacteria. The bad bacteria cannot be predominant in the healthy intestinal environment thanks to the regular bowel movement.

On the contrary, people who easily gain weight are often constipated.

This happens because the feces is not smoothly removed from the body and causes the increase of bad intestinal bacteria. As a result, the intestinal environment will deteriorate and your body will have a tendency to easily gain weight.

If you are currently suffering from constipation or diarrhea, take necessary measures!

You need to make efforts to increase your good intestinal bacteria. Add yogurt to your regular diet, especially the ones that are government-approved food for specific health uses to improve your intestinal conditions.


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