It’s unforgettable and unstoppable.

Like a famous snack commercial, you may have something you can’t stop eating once you start it.

I guess many female readers have a sweet tooth.

In Japan, the word “sweets” means “sweet snacks or cakes”, and the term has been applied to both western and Japanese sweet products.

Eating beautiful cakes makes me happy, however, the happy moment doesn’t last for long. A few days later, when you weigh yourself on the scale, you will face the reality.

Oh my goodness! Now, you have realized the fact that you have put on some weight.
Unfortunately, this occurred just as it was bound to!

It’s for sure that the sweets bring people happiness, but depending on the ingredients used, they make you fat. Is there any way we can avoid gaining weight even eating delicious sweets as much as we want?

I was thinking. I put my soul and all the knowledge to find it.

Now it’s time to share it with you.


How much sweets we can eat at all-you-can-eat sweets buffet

Why do people sometime crave sweets? The hormones produced in our brain called “serotonin” and “β-endorphin” are the keys. When we eat sweets the brain produces these hormones. These hormones alleviate stresses and make us relaxed.

Furthermore, when our brains and bodies are tired, our bodies crave “glucose” – the only nutrient to the brain. In order to fill up the lost sugar, we crave sweets.

So, I asked my female friend to participate an experiment to find out how much sweets we normally eat at an all-you-can-eat sweets buffet. It was conducted at a high-end hotel without time limitation.

Seasonal fruits tarts, beautiful cakes, even pizza, salads and so on were available. Her appetite was remarkable indeed.

By the time she said “I’m full”, she had eaten 70 sweets.

The cakes served at the buffet were rather small but the amount was huge.


As a conclusion, there is no such thing as “I eat a lot but gain no fat.”

First of all, we gain weight by eating. We take necessary nutrients through what we eat.

However, the surplus of nutrients turn into fat and is stored in the body. As a result, our bodies store excessive fat and we gain weight.

So, do you think there is a way you can avoid gaining weight even eating sweets as much as you want?

I didn’t come up with any methods that you can eat anything at any time, but if you follow specific rules, there may be is!


The way you can be free from regrets after eating a lot of sweets

You may have heard of the word “inner clock”. Actually, the inner clock is related to dieting.

A fat accumulation protein called “BMAL1” is something sweet lovers need to keep in mind. This is the protein that works to accumulate fat in cells.

In other words, if you eat sweets while this protein is being produced, the intake calories will be accumulated in your body. As a result, only regrets will remain.

To prevent this from happening, you should eat sweets while your body produces few BMAL1.

Precisely, between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon is the hours our bodies produce few BMAL1. Furthermore, the spleen that produces insulin works the hardest during these hours.

Therefore, even you take sugary substances, the rise of your blood glucose level will be reduced.

3 o’clock in the afternoon is the time for eating sweets in Japan. This tradition actually makes perfect sense. However, be careful not to take excessive amount of sugar!

When you want to eat a lot of sweets, eat them between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon together with hot drinks that support digestion.

I have written an article about “macrobiotic diet” in the past. Sweet lovers who wants to lose weight, please visit my blog “Tips for your successful macrobiotic diet”.

To those who have difficulties with eating regularly or can’t resist your appetite, I’m going to tell you a last resort. Take supplements that support digestions.

Do you want to know the effective one?

Needless to say, our “Nakakirei Enzyme” is the best! See you soon!


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