“Winter Weight Gain”
The word has become widely acknowledged now. When it’s cold outside, everyone wants to stay in a comfortably heated room.

My favorite sports, professional baseball games, are off in winter. Therefore, I don’t go out much to watch the games, but rather stay home relaxing.

In relation to the winter weight gain, have you ever heard about the term “easily-gain- fat body type”?

Some women have told me that “My parents are both obese, so unluckily I have inherited their genes.” I, myself, actually gained about 20kg in 2 years after graduated from university and started working.

“Well, I have gained so much weight because of my genetic body type.” I excused. (It’s maybe because of aging, though.)
But what is “easily-gain-fat body type” exactly?

In this issue, I would like to talk about why some people easily gain weight and try to find the ways to change it.


Can anyone be “easily-gain-fat body type”?

Does everyone has a possibility to get fat easily?

As there are different body types or physical constitutions, not everyone gets fat easily.

The biggest cause of gaining fat lies in the accumulated fat cells in our bodies and these cells increase and decrease at each life stage. Until puberty, the fat cells increase dramatically, however, a recently research shows that the cells still increase even in our adulthood.

We often see diet articles in magazines featuring the words “naturally lean body type” or “round-shaped body type”.

Sometimes, body types are compared to fruits, such as banana-shaped for the slim, pear-shaped for the women with big-buttocks, and apple-shaped for the big-bellies. These names imply which part of body the person has extra fat.

Therefore, banana-shaped body types have no extra fat and are naturally slim. On the contrary, the pear-shaped body types and apple-shaped body types sometimes have close relatives who are obese and are genetically easily gain fat.


Genetic matters matter!

It is obvious that our lifestyle has a great influence on our body types or physical constitutions.

However, some people complain that they can’t lose weight however hard they try. There is a common thing among them. There are chubby people or relatives around them.

70% of the causes of obesity results from lifestyle habits, and 30% results from genetic matters.

Nowadays, trustworthy commercial genetic test kits are available. It’s not a medical practice so you can do it by yourself at home.

“So, obesity is really a genetic matter! How can I possibly lose weight, then?” Didn’t you just think like this?

The test only shows whether you have genetic tendencies to gain fat easily or not.

Therefore, don’t blame your genes and make an excuse for your winter fat gain.

No time like the present!
Start dieting today!

You don’t need to prepare any equipment. I have written an article about dieting methods that you can start now. Please check my blog “Before purchasing the diet item, read my blog!


Change your body constitution to naturally slim

I had been working on changing my physical constitution to be slim.

First of all, improving your basal metabolism is must. Once the basal metabolism is improved, the daily consumption calories is increased as well. To do so, you need to build a good amount of muscles.

Changing your lifestyle habits is very important, too.

This may sound a bit rude, but obese children’s parents are often obese. This happens because they often have similar or the same lifestyle habits that cause obesity.

Furthermore, if the chubby child keeps her dietary lifestyle or lifestyle habits, it will be extremely difficult for her to lose weight when she gets older.

Your physical constitution will be changed to be slim by regulating your lifestyle habits, such as eating meals regularly or having good night sleeps. Take good quality protein through traditional healthy Japanese diet and sleep tight to improve your physical constitution!

When your body is chilled, the metabolism becomes slow. In winter, the coldness has become a greater burden to your body and health. Be careful not to get yourself chilled.


“Imagination” is important.

Human brain is amazing. If you can’t imagine yourself being slim, you hardly lose weight.
In addition, it’s difficult to erase the image of ourselves once being fat in the past.

This is why many of us regain the lost weight after all our efforts.

“Imagination” has an important role for us to keep our bodies fit. Try to visualize your ideal body shape clearly in your mind to get a successful result!


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