“Can I lose weight while sleeping?” It sounds like a dream if it really happens while sleeping.

A cartoonist, the late Shigeru Mizuki says in his book “7 things to be happy” – “Be lazy.”
This really means, be satisfied with what you have as long as you have enough to eat.

As an enzyme specialist who creates and promotes health supplements, I think Japanese women push themselves too hard when it comes to dieting.

If you always push yourself too hard, you will lose your breath. To put it in simple term, no one can finish a marathon race if she runs helter-skelter from the start.

The same applies to dieting. A lot of people make a serious commitment to the diet in the beginning but will gradually run out of breath and give up without achieving their goals.

That’s why I conducted a research whether it’s possible to lose weight while sleeping!
In this article, I would like to introduce three dishes (precisely speaking, two dishes and one drink) for dinner that burn your fat.

You should take a break from working out sometimes. Eat fat-burning dishes, have a good night sleep to get refreshed – but, don’t eat too much!


Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup with Ginger

In order to burn your fat while sleeping, improving your basal metabolism is a must.

Ginger is an ingredient you should ask for help. Ginger contains zingerone and shogaols that help improve blood circulation. The body temperature increases by improving the blood circulation. As a result the basal metabolism improves.

The ginger effect last for about three hours. It’s an excellent ingredient to be used for dinner.

When your body gets chilled to the bone, your organ activities deteriorate. Therefore, eat nutritious hot soup like this pork and vegetable miso soup to improve your basal metabolism.

I recommend you to use a fresh ginger, but tubes of kneaded ginger or powdered ginger reasonably work as well.

Again, miso soup is a fantastic food for the dieting!


Chicken Stewed in Tomato Sauce

Take a fat-burning substance called “lycopene” proactively. Since canned tomatoes are available all through the year with reasonable price, I recommend you to cook “chicken stewed in tomato sauce”.

The way of cooking is easy. First remove the skin, and saute the chicken in olive oil. Then add tomato sauce and seasonings to it and boil them for 10 minutes. Add any vegetables you like to the pot, but I think onions and beans are the best.

Lycopene has strong antioxidant effects. In addition, it also suppresses a rapid increase in blood glucose level, prevents the aging of skin as well as improves the metabolism.
When cooking the chicken, use olive oil that accelerates lycopene absorption.


Hot Coconuts Oil Drinks

Coconuts oil has become the center of attention since a super model Miranda Kerr recommends

“Really? Does she drink an oil!?” I guess some of you may be surprised to hear this but the coconuts oil helps you lose weight, improves your skin condition, and even has anti-aging effects.

To those who hesitate to drink the oil directly, drink it with hot water and add a squeeze of lemon. The lemon reduces the unique smell of the coconuts oil and enhance the flavor.

If desired sweeter, add some natural sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup which increase the body temperature and metabolism. Artificial sweeteners are low in calories but cool down your body. You should not use it.

Add one tea spoon of coconuts oil to a cup of hot water (180cc). Add some ginger to it if you like.

Coconuts oil supports burning the accumulated fat in the body. It’s nice to drink before going to bed.

Voila, three dishes that are recommended to eat before going to bed. You can start with an easy-to-make drink or try to cook dinner dishes proactively. Either way, start today!


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