“Beauty was not built in one day”

I’m a man so I think every women is beautiful. I’m not fluttering, and I do really think so.

There are too many quotes and sayings that is related to “beauty” to introduce in my blog at once, though I like “Beauty was not built in one day”.

For example, young (I’m sorry if I’m rude.) women have youthful and vital skin.
It seems that both men and women tend to be attracted to “youth” in nature.

However, we recently see the increasing number of women who keep their beauty even after their youth has passed.

Now is the era of “Bimajo” – “woman of ageless beauty” in Japanese!

There actually are the increasing number of women of my generation who are fit and have fair and youthful skin. They also have graceful attitude which only mature women can have.

Bimajos seem to be very cautious about their diet and weight gain. This time, I would like to introduce you the secrets of bimajos.

As a health supplements and beauty specialist, I used all the information sources available for writing this article. Those who will soon reach bimajo age as well as those who want to shine, don’t miss it!


Hirako Lisa – an idol of ageless beauty

(The shown picture is not her. I appreciate your understanding.)

What is a typical image of bimajo to you?

I personally think that they are over 40. Women they are in their 30’s is still too young to fit this term. I think so maybe because I am a middle-aged man, but I would like to categorize the age group of bimajo as the women who are over 40 years old here.

I have asked women of my generation who do they think is an ideal bimajo to them and many have named “Lisa Hirako”. She also seems to be very popular among the women in their 30’s.

She is 44 years old now and got divorced with an actor Eisaku Yoshida in December 2015. Still, it’s fact that she is a very popular success model who has been active in the front lines.


No need to hesitate to be a copy-cat to gain ageless beauty

Lisa Hirako introduces her diet methods or beauty care methods on TV and magazines.

The methods are very simple.
Eating something you want, and considering what to add and what to take to your daily diet.

Eating something you want doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want. When your body requires to eat, eat just an appropriate amount. Now a days, we tend to eat and drink way too much, so some people can lose weight by just avoiding excessive eating and drinking. (It applies to me.)

“Considering what to add and what to take to your daily diet” means you should choose what you eat carefully. She chooses brown rice or rice mixed with grains rather than white rice, and use organic seasonings and ingredients.
She uses coconuts oil to improve the antioxidant effect.

In addition, she drinks enzyme-rich juice twice a week. Improving the dairy diet seems to be a secret key to keep her beauty.


Bimajos keep their body from cooling down

To keep a beautifully fit body shape, you need to improve your dairy diet first.
In addition, you need to do a moderate amount of exercise.

What is the moderate amount of exercise then?

You may think of at least 1 hour of stretching or walking. However, the charismatic bimajo Lisa doesn’t regulate her exercising hours.

It’s amazing she can keep her body shape without regulating her exercising hours!

But there are things she doesn’t do to keep her beauty.
She tries not to cool down her body.

In order not to cool down her body, she takes a bath for 45 minutes and so on.
“Keeping your body from cooling down” is a diet principal, and having poor circulation can be a cause of swelling or all kinds of diseases.

Furthermore, women in bimajo age may have problems with unstable body temperature caused by the unbalanced female hormones.
Therefore, improving the metabolism by raising the body temperature from inside is important.

I have heard that some people recently pronounce “bimajo” as “bimarjo”. “bimajo” and “bimarjo”… Is it only me who thinks “bimarjo” sounds like “ahijio”? lol.

“Ahijio” is an oil-rich tapas. Bimajos may avoid eating it because it seems high in calories.

However, I do recommend those ladies to try eating ahijio.

This dish can be rich in fat depending on how much oil you use for making it, but if you use a moderate amount of good-quality oil, it supports raising your body temperature and improving your skin condition.

I recommend you not to finish all the oil, and eat flavorful ingredients only. Women in bimajo age, try eating “ahijo” to be “bimajo”.


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