Weight loss methods celebrities follow are sometimes surprisingly reasonable.

A popular Japanese actress Kyoko Fukada, was slim and feminine in the beginning of her carrier, but after a while she was put under the scrutiny of public pressure as she was ballooning up.

This happened a few years ago, though her sudden weight gain became an Internet hype.

I also noticed her weight gain but she became slim again within a few months. I was impressed by her professionalism – the way she maintains her physical condition and ideal body shape as a top Japanese actress.

Meanwhile, “hot water diet” received much attention from women who were on a diet.

By the way, what do you imagine when hearing “celebrities’ diet methods”? What are general and typical methods?

You may imagine something highly expensive paid by powerful entertainment companies – getting facial and body treatment at famous esthetics, specifically programed gymnastic and diet plans and so on. What do you think?

From our point of view, the weight loss methods that famous beauty salons and cosmetic surgery clinics advertise are for celebrities.

I’m not sure if celebrities really do such things, but on the contrary, “hot water diet” is very simple as you just boil the tap water, cool it down and drink it!

Kyoko Fukada did try this diet method and successfully lost 5kg.

By the way, a popular female TV talent who was criticized for having a love affair with a married musician, also recommended this method to keep her beauty and health.


How to drink “hot water” to lose weight?

The hot water diet method is very simple and easy.

First, boil 500ml of water. Then cool it down to around 50℃. When cooling down, don’t add any ice cubes, but wait until it gets cooler naturally. This process is very important.

Drink the hot water before going to bed, after waking up, or the both. It warms up your body and improves your metabolism. This is how the “hot water diet” works.

In addition, the hot water contains no calories, no sugar, no fat and easy to drink!
It sounds a bit like a beer commercial. Well, I can’t hide my love for beer, lol.

The best timing to drink the hot water is right after waking up in the morning. First, take a sip of hot water.

Right after waking up, your metabolism is very slow. Therefore, drinking hot water to improve your metabolism makes sense as a weight loss method. As the hot water is just water, it’s no stimulus to your body as well.
That’s why this is recommended for people who have weak stomach and intestines.


Why drinking hot water makes your diet success?

The fact is that drinking a cup of hot water consumes the same calories as 30 minutes of slow jogging. This is because rising 1℃ of our body temperature improves our metabolism by more than 13%.

It’s surprising, isn’t it?

Furthermore, your immune system is also improved by rising your body temperature. As a consequence, the body waste will be more smoothly discharged from your body and you can expect more efficient diet effects.

You may want to try many different methods that can make your diet a success, but making continuous effort that you can do without having difficulties may be the easiest and the best diet method for you.

If you are interested in a diet-restriction-free method, please check my previous blog “I love eating out but want to lose weight! Here are the recommended menus for you.


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