Have you ever noticed that you have got more wobbly bits around your abdomen compared with you were in high school? We go to work every day, work overtime and receive pressure from both customers and bosses, but we still gain weight more easily than our care care-free highs school days! The more we get older, the fatter we become. Don’t you pretend as if there is no mirror in the bath room and avoid facing the reality…


No.1: Stop eating lengthily

Metabolism decreases with age. Some may think that adults consume a lot of energy at work, but is it really so? I guess you may have some unconscious habits that makes you gain weight. For example, don’t you keep munching something while working in the office? Are there any new lines of yummy looking sweets on the desk?

It’s maybe a bit harsh, but there are reasons for gaining weight. First, you need to realize your own eating habits. The sweets placed in front of you for example, need to be get rid of now and if you want eat them, make a regular sweets break. If you eat lengthily, you can’t recognize how much you have eaten and this causes you overtake calories. Stop this habit now and you will definitely lose weight.


No.2: Be cautious about the way of sitting, standing, and walking to lose weight.

Since before, I have been thinking that there are two different types of dieting. One is to lose weight, the other is to keep the body in good shape. Losing muscles of the upper body while keeping the beer belly as a consequence of unsuccessful dieting isn’t a happy thing. In case of women, it will make you look heavy in lower part with little breasts. Ideally, having a well-balanced body shape is the best.

Which means the body has appropriate amount of muscles and good proportions. There are body shapes that are admired by everybody. A key to get this kind of ideal body shape is a posture. People who have nice-looking body shapes maintain good postures. Maintaining a good posture itself actually can be a good exercise. Are you bending yourself into a humped position? Then stretch your back and maintain the posture.

At first, you may find keeping this for 10 minutes very tough and your body tries to get back to a round-shouldered position. As a consequence, you will sit on a chair shallow with the lower belly forward. I know it’s easy to sit on a chair like this, but it will make you gain more fat around your lower belly! Your back will lose muscle strength and the muscles will turn into fat. See?

I guess now you have come to realize why you have got some wobbly bits around your belly, right? Well, I’m talking to myself though. Conversely, what you need is to maintain the good posture. This will improve your muscle strength and as a consequence, you will lose your belly fat. This is just opposite to the humped position creates forwarded belly. The good posture creates the well-proportioned body.


No.3: Use lunch break for exercising

One day, I noticed that one of my female colleagues in her 40’s had successfully lost weight and she even looked healthier. And I thought there surely were secret tip behind the success. I am a health freak, so I asked her about it. What she did was a 30-minute walk during the lunch break. She just changed her working shoes to walking shoes, walked from office to somewhere for 15 minutes then came back. You may think this is too easy, but you can’t keep up doing things when they are too tough. Little and often fills the purse.

The same applies to diet. Even we know that having miso soup that contains good quality of fresh enzymes is good for health but still it’s not easy to make it at every meal. The solution is taking enzyme supplements. Doesn’t it sound easy to try? In the beginning you may intentionally do something for losing weight, but once it has become your routine, that makes you healthier and fitter. It would be wonderful if taking enzyme supplements becomes a part of your healthy lifestyle.


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