In fact, many celebrities have succeeded in losing weight and become attractive.

Not all the celebrities are slim and beautiful. As you know, some of them use their chubby body shapes as their selling points.

Popular comedians Naomi Watanabe and two members of “Okazu Club” are the ones. On the other hand, there are celebrities who have lost weight within a short period of time.

I don’t say everyone who has lost weight has become cute and pretty. Some people have become sickly skinny and look stiff and irritated.

BUT! There are celebrities who have become cute as a result of successful dieting!

I would like to introduce you some of the dieting methods celebrities have tried in this article.


Akemi Darenogare’s dieting method – Strong will power is the key

She once weighed 65 kg. I can’t imagine her being so big.

She has created her original dieting method.

First, she only drinks enzyme-rich fruits and green smoothie for breakfast, and doesn’t eat any carbohydrate for dinner.
Second, she does regular exercises, such as swimming and walking. After the exercises, she does a half-body bathing and lymph massages.

Well, it sounds really tough to follow her method. It will be difficult to continue without having a strong will power.


Ms. Tomochika’s famous protein dieting method

As is often the case with celebrities (at least we think so), Ms. Tomochika gained weight due to her irregular lifestyle and excessive drinking and eating, but she tried the “Protein Dieting Method” that has become popular because of its sensational TV commercial.

Ms. Tomchika is naturally a well-built woman (it’s a good thing), so I don’t have any impression about her being so slim, but she now is one of the celebrities who has a well-proportioned body.

The “Protein Weight Loss Program” she tried is to replace two meals to protein drinks in addition to “Kaatsu-training (pressurization training)”.

You can easily control your calorie intake by meal-replacement diet. It’s not easy to take time for exercises while busy with work or etc., but protein weight loss program enables you to reduce your calorie intake without difficulties.

However, after a while, many people regain their lost weight if they stop following the program. It’s a downside of the program.


Things we should keep them in our mind

Actually, many of the celebrities’ dieting challenges seem too hard to try and continue.

Well, they may have to do it as their jobs sometimes, though.

In their cases, they are under specialist’ control in order not to harm their health.

When we, ordinary folks go on a diet, we should not go too far, and do it at our own pace. I understand that you want to get a quick result sometimes, but haste makes waste.

Harming your health by extreme dieting is nothing but worthless. The important thing is to find the method that suits you the most to keep you happy and healthy.

In my previous blog “Five rules for enzyme dieting beginners”, I introduced the import tips for a successful enzyme-dieting. I hope you will enjoy reading it, too.


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