Finally, the Japanese professional basketball league has been integrated!

Have you watched the Japanese professional basketball games “B League” which has been recently integrated into one league?
The players dynamic movements are exciting to watch and the games are quite a show.

In fact, many of my female friends are making a fuss about it.

You know, there are many good-looking basketball players in the league, such as Kei Igarashi who has made the professional basketball popular in Japan. Furthermore, cartoons or dramas featuring the basketball are really cool!

For example, a popular manga “SLAM DUNK” and a drama “Buzzer Beat – Gakeppuchi no Hero(desperate hero)” featuring Tomohisa Yamashita are the famous ones.

In addition, the first chairman Mr. Kawabuchi’s contribution to the B-League establishment was remarkable. He is the person who made the football J-League a huge success and boosted the level of Japanese football players on to the world stage.

His administrative ability is astonishing. I would like to ask him to share his ability with me!

Other than the professional basketball many professional sports have an off-season. I think that switching their physical conditions between off-season and in-season is not so easy.

As for the basketball, players take a good rest first, and as another competitive year approaches, they start working out to lose weight and strengthens their physical condition.


Off-season activities are highly important, but…

Basketball players need to rest both their minds and bodies first to prepare for the coming new competitive season. The body and mind are linked together.

As a result, they feel refreshed after taking time off, but some players unintentionally gain weight!

It’s natural to gain weight when we feel relaxed. When I’m on vacation, I always feel relaxed and my body loosens.

However, professional players successfully and certainly lose their weight by the time the new competitive year starts. It’s remarkable.

First of all, their trainings are really tough. Even they eat as much as they did during the time off period, their body weight will be naturally decreased. However, in order not to put extra burden to their bodies, they need to lose the gained weight as soon as possible.


Basketball players do muscle trainings to lose weight

Considering the players’ vigorous and fast movements, it’s maybe hard to notice but the basketball is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are recommended weight loss programs, and the movements in the basketball games are aerobic exercises.

If you want to lose fat more efficiently, do muscle trainings before playing basketball. It sounds really tiring though. But if you do some exercises that build your lower body muscles, you can improve your metabolism.

Sit-up is a well-known standard hard-core exercise, but surprisingly, you can burn more calories by squatting. That explains why the majority of Hiroshima Carp fans are well-proportioned. (Is this true!?)

Before doing tough exercises, try squatting first like basketball players do.
To those who prefer easier exercises, please check my previous blog “Three rules for completing your New Year’s resolution!


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