Are “dieting” and “weight loss” different?

A few months have already passed, but the Rio Olympics and Paralympics created a national sensation and the athletes’ perfect bodies caught my attention.

Their serious effort and devotion to their goals touched our hearts!
On the contrary, I was watching TV and eating potato chips!

Well, well, well, lol.

You know that some sports such as judo or boxing are divided into weight classes. How they classify the weight classes differ from sport to sport, but “body weight” is one of the standard measurements.

Athletes who devote themselves to those sports often talk about “weight loss”, not “dieting”. From our point of view, it’s a little strange as “weight loss” and “dieting” seem the same.

In fact, “weight loss” and “dieting” are completely different!

The purpose of the “dieting” is to make our bodies slim and well-proportioned, not to just reduce the body weight. As we need to reduce our body weight during the dieting process, the terms “dieting” and “weight loss” are sometimes mixed up, but precisely speaking, the weight management for reducing the body weight is called “weight loss”.

We sometimes hear people become ill as a result of extreme dieting, but don’t hear athletes become ill as a result of their weight loss programs.

To athletes, health is their asset. They carefully follow their weight loss programs and be cautious not to harm their health. However, as they reduce their weight by dietary restriction, they sometimes regain their lost weight like ordinary people do.

So, how do they manage to lose their weight healthily?
Let’s learn from them.


Control your lifestyle habits

Many athletes hire professional trainers who support their health, physical and mental conditions with precise advice, and help them building unbeatable strength and energy for the competitions. You may have heard the words “Physical training” and “Mental training”.

It’s difficult for us to maintain precisely-controlled lifestyle like athletes, however, there are things we can easily follow in athletes’ lifestyle habits that will improve our health and metabolism.

For example, if you can control your daily habits by checking your body weight, amount of exercise or calorie intake, your body weight will be naturally and successfully reduced. This is basically the same method as once-popular “Recording Dieting”.

Furthermore, many athletes consider having sufficient sleep important. They carefully select their bedding, and try to sleep well during the so-called “Golden Time” which is between 10pm and 2am.

I think many women try to sleep during the golden time in order to improve their skin conditions, but sleeping during the time is also good for dieting. Good night’s sleep supports growth hormone production and improves metabolism. As a result, your body will efficiently burn body fat and you will lose weight.


Improving your dietary lifestyle is highly important

Many athletes hire dietary specialists to improve their diet, and their families educate themselves to support the athletes. It’s famous that wives of athletes learn dietetics to support their husbands.

Mai Satoda, a popular TV personality who is married to a professional baseball player Masahiro Tanaka, got a certificate “Junior Athlete Food Master” to support her husband’s dietary lifestyle.

It’s not easy to calculate the nutrient balance but being careful with your diet and eating meals that support you losing fat and building muscles is an effective weight loss method.

For example, when taking carbohydrate, choose rice. When taking protein, be careful not to take too much fat together with protein. Eat fruits to take vitamins and enzymes, and eat seaweeds to take minerals. Taking necessary nutrients from various good resources is very important.

Athletes also pay attention to what they drink.

They drink something that support burning fat such as amino acid beverages. Amino acid beverages improve metabolism and prevent fat cells from acculturating fat.

When choosing amino acid beverages, choose something that doesn’t contain too much sugar. Amino acid beverages are originally sour, so commercial drinks often contain a lot of sugar. Ideally, zero-sugar drinks are the best, but when they are not available, choose at least low-sugar drinks.

Once you have learned about the athletes’ weight loss programs, it’s rather easy to follow, isn’t it?

There is a dietary restriction method called “Fushoku”. If you are interested in this, please check my previous blog “Opinions of an enzyme specialist on“FUSHOKU – fasting”.


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