Why did Kana Nisino gain weight?

Kana Nishono attracts us with her amazing voice.

When I first heard her singing, I was impressed by her beautiful voice. Then I saw her on TV and was surprised to see that she was a well-proportioned woman. Having a wonderful voice and a well-shaped body – she is a real diva.

Therefore, I was even more surprised to know she had gained a lot of weight in the past. In her old photo, she looked totally different and I was worried if she had some troubles back then. It seems she could successfully lost weight within a short period of time though.

The reason of her weight gain lies in her lifestyle changes. When her song “Kimini Aitaku Nattara” became a big hit in 2009, she was a student. She was stressed out by dealing with both study and work, and this was the reason of her sudden weight gain.


How did Kana Nishino lose weight?

The gossip of her weight gain and loss got wind because she got fat and became slim within a very short period of time. Usually it’s hard to lose weight once you have gained it. How did she successfully lose weight within a short period of time then?

The weight loss method she tried is “to eat healthy and do some exercises.”

You may have thought that “Isn’t it too ordinary!?” To be more precise, she didn’t eat any snacks, and tried to eat yogurt, vegetables, beans and olive oil as much as possible. As for exercising, she went jogging regularly.

However, unlike her, we don’t normally face the situation where “I must lose weight before being on stage!” To get a successful weight loss result, we should be disciplined. Nowadays, there are a lot of delicious treats around us, so it’s really difficult to stick to the diet.

Therefore, we need to adjust Kana’s strict diet method to something that suits our regular lifestyle. Let’s see.


Adjust your dieting rules to suit your lifestyle

You may say that “Just eating healthy and doing some exercises sound really easy!”, but isn’t it really so?

For example, “not snacks between meals” is not an easy rule to follow for people who regularly eat snacks. Kana Nisino also says that giving up eating snacks was the hardest among other rules in relation to her dieting programs.

She also stopped eating anything after 6pm. This is the method Kumi Koda also tried. This method makes sense and is effective but is not suitable for people who work in the office until late.

In this case, set your time limit at later hour. Just avoid eating during the hours that your body tend to accumulate fat, and eat meals before 8pm. I think you can easily follow this as the time limit is similar to the one you should follow before having a check-up.

In addition, eating a lot of vegetables is an important part of well-balanced diet. Vegetables contain various nutrients as well as enzymes. Short of enzymes deteriorates your metabolism, so eating a lot of vegetables is a promised dieting method.

Tofu is rich in dietary fibers and low in calories, and has more lactic acid bacteria than that or yogurt.
As to oil, olive oil is good.

Oleic acid contained in olive oil reduces cholesterol and neutral fat. When you cook by yourself use olive oil instead of salad oil.

Doing exercises is the next step. When she went jogging, she only cared about how many hours she jogged.
If you always try to run the distance you originally planned regardless of your physical condition, you may get too tired when you are not in good shape. Focusing on the length of your exercise makes it easier for you to adjust the amount of exercise to your physical condition of the day.

What do you think? Don’t you think you can do it? I hope you will find the best dieting method for you sometime soon!


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