Yu Yamada got her perfect body back after childbirth!

Many celebrities use Instagram nowadays. I recently enjoy checking a popular Japanese model, Yu Yamada’s Instagram. Yes, I’m a big fan of her. She disclosed her body size on her Instagram a few month after her first childbirth and the result was amazing.

A photo of “Kombucha” was on her Instagram the other day. She said her body shape had changed during her pregnancy. However, she successfully lost her weight to the level of pre-childbirth and started working as a model two months after the childbirth. It surprised everyone.

“Kombucha” was her secret weapon for her dieting.

“Kombucha” is different from Japanese “Kombucha(昆布茶) “, a seaweed tea. In another word, it’s called “tea mushroom”. However, it’s not really a mushroom. Well, I know it makes wonder what I’m talking about.

“Tea mushroom” is a fermented drink and in fact was drunk in Japan during the Showa period. Now, the name has been changed to “Kombucha” and become popular among celebrities in America.

In Japan, the tea mushroom is considered as a healthy food, but it’s good for dieting and for skin as well. It has been re-imported to Japan and become popular again thanks to Yu Yamada.


Nutrient-rich “Tea mushroom”

Tea mushroom is rich in various nutrients. Namely, lactic acid bacteria, enzymes, amino acids, polyphenol, glucuronic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B complex and so on. There is a reason why the tea mushroom has so much nutrients in it.

The power of “fermentation” is the reason.

Tea mushroom is a fermented food. Thanks to the fermentation, various nutrients contained are concentrated within the tea mushroom. The power of fermentation is magical.

The nutrient-rich tea mushroom has the effects of improving physical constitution and basal metabolism. By the improved blood circulation, the body waste and dead cells in our bodies will be discharged efficiently, and the damaged cells will be smoothly fixed.

Furthermore, it is said that the tea mushroom has the effects of reducing shoulder stiffness and high blood pressure.


All you have to do is to drink it!

All you have to do is just to drink “Kombucha”. That’s another reason why it has become popular.

Furthermore, the increasing popularity of fermented foods has given a further boost to its popularity. There are various types of lactic acid bacteria beverages in the super markets now a days and it’s even hard to choose. As an intestinal-environment-conscious person, I’m welcoming the situation.

Tea mushroom contains a lot of fungi, such as lactic acid bacteria or yeasts that support proliferating good intestinal bacteria in our bodies. The good intestinal bacteria support your digestion or nutrient absorption, and alleviate constipation and improve immune system.

In addition, thanks to its detox effect, the harmful substance in our bodies will be discharged smoothly, and as a result, the swelling of body or bad body odor will be alleviated.

Yu Yamada and American celebrities just drink the fermented beverages to try improving their intestinal environment.

Of course, you need extra efforts to get a perfectly-fit body shape, but improving your immune system makes your body look healthy. If you are interested in fermented foods, try “tea mushroom”!

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