I really liked a TV program featuring weigh loss methods broadcasted around New Year, and have already watched it a few times.

The concept of the TV program was to find a woman who were “potential-beauty” if they were not overweight. In the program, the women tried a three-months weight loss program, and held a “general election” like a Japanese idol group does in order to decide who would get the center position by comparing their before/after weights.

A choreographer Mr. Papaya Suzuki cooperated with the project. He was once popular as a “chubby TV personality”, but lost his weight for a role in a NHK period drama.

He published a weight-loss method book and lost 33kg in a year. Now, he seems to have regain a little, but he certainly is a success in dieting considering the weight he lost.

This time, I would like to examine the reasons of his weight loss and rebound.

It’s off the subject, but AKB48’s hit song “Koi Suru Fortune Cookies” was choreographed by Papaya Suzuki.


“Improving diet” is the key to Papaya Suzuki’s successful weight loss

Before dieting, Papaya Suzuki weighed 110kg. A comedian Hidehiko Ishizuka a member of Honjamaka who often was on TV with Papaya weighed 117kg. You can imagine how big he once was.

However, Papaya had lost 33kg in two years! His body shape he showed on TV surprised us a lot.

“Improving his diet” was the key to his successful weight loss. Being cautious about his diet took an essential role to make his dieting a success.

In addition, he changed his diet to vegetable-centered meals and didn’t eat anything after 6pm. He allowed himself to eat a small portion of carbohydrate such as rice and bread in order to deal with dieting stresses.

Dealing with dieting stresses is also very important and essential for both your body and mind during the weight loss process.


“Good amount of exercises” is also necessary.

In his book or interviews, he said he also started walking for exercise in addition to improving his diet. As he is a choreographer and also a member of a dance group “Oyaji Dancers (middle-aged men dancers)”, I suppose the amount of his daily work outs is more than average population.

Still, people gain weight and their health conditions deteriorate. Human bodies are mysterious.

In a TV show, he was pointed out his health problems from doctors and even told he needed to receive immediate health care. It is difficult to maintain health by just moving bodies.

Apart from burning fat, the walking exercise has a happy effect.

It ameliorates your hunger. If you stay home without moving much, your metabolism will deteriorate. Furthermore, the stress caused by dietary restriction will make you feel low.

Going out for walk and concentrating on walking reduces your feeling of hunger, and improves your metabolism. As a result, you can get a fast-fat-burning body.


Why many dieters regain their lost weight?

Papaya successfully lost his weight, but in fact, he has had a few weight loss rebound experiences. The reason was simple – he started to receive more job offers as a food-reporter. Body weight changes depending on the number of calories eaten and used.

Therefore, once you have stopped dietary restriction, your body weight will increase again within a very short period of time.

Unlike Papaya, ordinary people do not often be involved in jobs that affect our body weight.

Once you have lost weight successfully, stay cautious about your well-balanced diet and do regular exercises. Otherwise, you will disappointingly regain your lost weight. Don’t give up!


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