It seems like celebrities are often involved in romantic relationships. We often see articles like “Singer X are in love with Actress Y” etc…
Well, it has been said that people are watching less TV nowadays, but these kind of cheap gossips seem like never ending.

I don’t care much about those celebrities’ gossips but am really interested in and amazed by their successful weight loss experiences.

This time, I would like to introduce a celebrity’s unique dieting method that has caught my attention.


How did Oniyakko Tsubaki lose her weight?

Many weight loss methods have been introduced on TV but a comedian Oniyakko Tsubaki’s dieting method came to my mind first. She is an exotic-looking woman with a husky voice caused by cigarette and alcohol (according to her).

She was brought up in a wealthy family thanks to the babble economy, however, her parents got divorced after the bubble economy busted, and it completely changed her life.

On 3rd May, 2015, she got married with Mr. Dai Sato – a member of a comedian group “Granji” – and also became popular as a comedian. But while enjoying the happiest moment of life as a newly married woman and a popular comedian, she gained 5kg.

Then she tired “Pickled Sour Plum Dieting”. Let’s see what it is.


How can we lose weight by eating pickled sour plums?

The word “sour plum” promotes salivation. I guess many people have the experience. This is a conditional reflex, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Well, how come are the “pickled sour plum” and dieting connected, then? The reason lies in the substance called “vanillin”. This substance has an obesity preventive effect.

Furthermore, vanillin is only existed in sour plums, but not in any other food.

A leading researcher of plums, Mr. Okuno – an associate professor of Wakayama technical collage – says when vanillin is absorbed in the small intestines, the fat cells receive stimulation by the substance. By this stimulation to the fat cells, our bodies start burning fat, and as a result, we can reduce our weight.


Eat heated three pickled sour plums a day maximum

Other than vanillin pickled sour plums contain other nutrients that are good for dieting. Citric acid softens tense muscles and makes our blood fluent and clean.

In addition, they are rich in polyphenol. Taking polyphenol which is also contained in wine and chocolate prevents you from having cellulites.

However eating pickled sour plums also has a bad aspect.

It’s the salt!

Due to its making process, the pickled sour plums are high in salt. This is the reason why this weight loss method set the limit as “eat three pieces a day”. Please be careful with this point.


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