I love watching TV programs that featuring weight loss methods because of my profession as well as my past experience.

As you may know I have mentioned about my weight gain experience in my blog many times. Let’s move on to today’s topic.

I would like to introduce you a TV program featuring a pop idol “Ni-hei” who was on the edge of losing her career, broadcasted on 4th January, 2017, called “The! Sekai Gyoten News Owarai & Kando Moridakusan!! Shinshun! Gyoten 4jikan Matsuri” by NTV groups.


Why did the pop idol gain so much weight?

Ni-hei had been active as a local pop idol, and at that time she was as slime as other female idols and never been fat.

But, she found “eating” as her stress remedy and began to gain weight. As a result, her weight had become over 90kg. It’s hard to imagine a female pop idol whose weight is over 90kg, really.

Then, she began to gain her popularity as a plus size model, however, she couldn’t give up her dream “to be an idol” and eventually lost 43kg in a year. She actually still keeps the reduced weight.


What’s the secret of her successful 43kg weight loss?

43kg could be the body weight of a small woman. I imagine losing that amount of body weight requires huge effort.

At first, she changed her dietary lifestyle. This is essential step for successful dieting.

While she was big, not intentionally but her diet was designed to gain weight. She was eating white rice toppled with deep-fried chicken or even with fried-noodles, or white rice toppled with thin sliced beef etc. It is not difficult to imagine how she gained her weight.

So, she decided to improve her diet with her mother’s support. She chose rice porridge instead of steamed rice, and had more vegetables-rich dishes than fried-dishes to reduce her calorie intake.

In addition, she did aerobics and muscle trainings every day. Thanks to the continuous and enthusiastic effort, she successfully lost 43kg within a year. After all, “diet and exercise” are the key to success. The most reliable weight loss method is to follow fundamental dieting rules.

However, we feel diet-related stress while we are on a dietary restriction. If you want to alleviate your diet-related stress, check my blog “Three dream dishes that burn your fat while sleeping!


““I used to be fat” is not something to hide.”

Ni-hei openly says she used to be fat but it’s not something she is schemed of. She had been active as a plus size model for plus size fashion magazines.

But she left the job after successfully lost weight. In her article published in July 2016, she said,

“I decided to go on a diet when I was twenty-four. I couldn’t give up my dream to be an idol, and I thought the dream would never come true unless I lose weight.
However, being a plus size woman is not all bad. You can enjoy being stylish.”

Thus, she encouraged plus size women by telling her experiences as a plus size model.

Her attitude toward her past and where she stands now have become widely applauded especially by young women.

I think she is great! She is a tough women with beautiful mind. We tend to have negative image on being fat, and in fact, many women try to hide their past fat experience.

However, being extremely overweight can be a burden to your body. Gaining too much fat gives extra pressure to your organs or blood vessels and lowers your metabolism. To make the matter worse, it lowers your body temperature as well.

It’s essential to do everything in moderation. If you are overweight, try to reduce your weight by healthy dieting methods.


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