A Japanese pop idol “Perfume” attracts many fans with their unique way of singing. Their trippy world is something we can’t take our eyes off.
The other day, I noticed that a member of the group “Aa-chan” – who had been rather chubby – has become really slim and well-proportioned like other two members.

I have heard that Aa-chan tried “salt bath dieting”. She says she always put some salt in the bath. It’s really simple and easy. This time, I would like to talk about this reasonable and easy dieting method.


How can we lose weight by taking a salt bath?

There are various benefits the salt bath can provide us with. Increasing the perspiration is one thing. If you put some salt into the bath, the power of salt promotes sweating. In comparison to taking a non-salt bath, your consumption calories will increase by 50%.

This salt’s perspiration effect also boosts your metabolism. Your skin condition will also be improved thanks to the increased metabolism and salt’s moisture retention effect. How wonderful!

“Taking a good relaxing bath” alone has an excellent dieting effect. Your body receives comfortable water pressure and the water pressure works on your heart to promote hormones that promote discharging body waste.

When taking a salt bath, the water temperature should be above 40℃. In fact, our appetite naturally decreases under the temperature of over 40℃, so taking a hot bath may make you stop eating snacks between meals. If so, it’s also beneficial point of taking a salt bath.


Effective way of taking a salt bath

First of all, as I have mentioned earlier, the water temperature is a key. Set the temperature at 41 or 42℃. Put 30g of salt into the bath, then submerge yourself in hot water for 10 minutes. Then, get out from the bath tub and rinse the salt away. Repeat this about two times.

You don’t have to take a salt bath every day. Taking it twice or three times a week seems good. When health methods are recommended, people tend to commit them too intentionally sometimes, but I think doing everything in moderation is important.


How to choose the salt for the bath

You may think you should be careful with choosing the appropriate salt for the bath, but it’s actually not so much. It seems that many people choose unrefined salt, but not necessarily so.

Perhaps, some of you want to use relaxing aroma bath salt and it’s also good. However, refined cooking salt contains less minerals, so I recommend you to choose something rich in minerals.

Taking a salt bath is a refreshing and reasonable weight loss method. If you are interested in this, start today!


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