Another cherry blossom season has ended. And once another rainy season finishes, summer will come. How many summers have we passed since the start of Hama News.
It’s the time we must bring this topic again.

Are you ready for the thing-closing season, every one!?
To me, I have been making small dieting efforts, lol.

Oh, my youth has passed ages ago and I’m a middle aged man now! Wait! Don’t call me that I’m already in the autumn of life!

I don’t say “being slime is beautiful”, but when thinking about the health, “keeping a decent body weight while eating three meals regularly” is highly important. Everyone ages, and no one wins against it. It’s natural that our body functions deteriorate by aging.

Deterioration of metabolism is a natural phenomenon but we can’t just blame on it for our weight gain. So, I would like to focus on the relation between diet and weight loss again this time.


Try eating healthy to lose your weight in 2017

There are many trends come and go every year in the beauty business so are in the fashion industry.

Protein-meal replacement dieting program has been popular recently.

However, I would rather recommend you to eat three meals regularly. The reason is that the meal replacement dieting program may make you lose weight, but that’s all.

When you reduce the calorie intake of a meal, of course you can reduce the entire calorie intake of a day. If you continue eating low-in-calorie meals, your body starts burning the body fat and therefore, you will lose weight.

However, this is a double-edged weapon, because once you have achieved your weight-loss goal, you will start eating regular meals, right? Then what happens? Unless you are extremely cautious about your dietary lifestyle or doing regular exercises, you will soon regain your lost weight.

Furthermore, after being on calorie restriction, your body is in a state of malnutrition. Then your body will be craving for taking calories, and as a result you will be put under the risk of repeated weight loss/gain rebound cycle.

This is why I urge you to improve your dietary lifestyle fundamentally, and recommend you to eat healthy to lose weight.


How to reduce weight by eating healthy?

“If I eat three regular meals a day, I will not be able to lose weight, but will gain it instead!”

I know many women are worried about it. Of course, there are rules to follow for this dieting method.

For your health, eat things that are necessary, in moderation.

By just following these three rules, extremely obese people can certainly lose weight.

Firstly, avoid eating deep-fried dishes such as deep-fried pork, chicken or vegetables.

Deep-fried dishes consist of carbohydrate (sugar) and oil (fat). They are high in calories and burden to your stomach as well. If you want to eat meat or fish, grill, steam or boil them.


Use enzyme-rich dressings!

To improve your metabolism, take enzymes.

Vegetables and seaweeds are diet-friendly ingredients. Try eating them well. It may take a little time but I recommend you to make homemade dressings. Here are some recipes for you.

Ingredients are a radish, a carrot and your favorite commercial dressing.

It’s better if you make it from zero, but using commercial dressing is quite handy. When you want to reduce the cooking time, feel free to use it.

Firstly, grate the radish and carrot carefully. You can use a food processer or a juicer as an alternative, but use “slow” mode.

The reason is that the fresh enzymes contained in radish is weak to heat. They will die at the temperature of 48℃. Therefore, please avoid adding heat by using “fast” mode.

Once all the ingredients are grated, mix them with the commercial dressing. Radish contains a lot of enzymes such as amylase, protease and lipase. Deliver these diet-friendly enzymes to your intestines!


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