When summer is approaching, “weight loss” occupies the center of our attentions.

“I really need to lose my weight before summer comes!” We say this almost every year, but ideally speaking, it’s better to have a stable body weight all through the year.

Not only human, but all kinds of animals have a common biological mechanism. “Store food and energy, and stay quiet in winter”.

Hibernating bears is an easy example. I have heard that their hibernation period is getting shorter though. Incidents of being attacked by bears supposedly in hibernation have been happening.

Well, I ran off the topic a little, but humans are the same.

“In winter, it’s cold outside, therefore, I don’t want to move….” However, our bodies are designed to take necessary nutrients, therefore, we eat to maintain our lives, and left-over nutrients will turn into fat and will be stored in the body as fat.

This time, I would like to tell you three reasons we need muscle trainings and good intestinal environment for efficient weight-loss.


Reason 1: To keep our body healthy

I suppose you have googled words like “what is dieting”, “weight loss method” or “healthy weight loss” etc.

There are so many websites that are related to weight loss. You may wonder what are correct and what are wrong.

I must tell you about the relation between dieting and muscle training to start with.
“Building muscles” doesn’t equal to “losing weight”.

“Well, why do I have to build muscles to lose weight, then?” you may think. You can lose weight without doing muscle training, but I don’t recommend you to do this.

I guess many dieters do some degree of dietary restriction while dieting. While you are on a dietary restriction, your body tries to provide nutrients to organs or blood using fewer amount of nutrients left in your body.

As a result, a protein resource “muscle” is used to maintain our biological functions. In order to keep ourselves healthy, and in order not to reduce our bodies’ muscle mass, building muscles while dieting is necessary.


Reason 2: To lower the body fat rate

You may think “dieting is to lose weight,” but actually, “dieting is to lose weight and to lower the body fat rate”.

For example, imagine two women who are both 160cm tall and weighed 50kg are walking. On the right is Ms. A and on the left is Ms. B. They are the same in height but Ms. A is considered rather chubby but Ms. B is considered slim. Why does this happen?

The answer lies in their “body fat rate”.
Ms. A’s body fat rate is 29%, and Ms. B’s is 19%. The difference is big.

This means, people who have a higher body fat rate look bigger when comparing with others who are the same in height and weight but have a lower body fat rate.

Of course, extremely obese people can reduce their body fat rate by just losing their weight. If he or she weighed 100kg and reduces it down to 80kg, his or her body fat rate will decrease.

However, this is an extreme example. To “a little chubby modern-day people”, building muscles is the first thing to do to reduce the body fat rate. You need to turn your fat into muscle, and burn calories.

Now, to burn fat efficiently and turn it into muscle, the combination of aerobics exercises and muscle training is what you need.


Reason3: Improving intestinal environment is necessary

Improving your intestinal environment is very important. Have you ever heard about “fat bacteria” that has been introduced on TV etc.? There are millions of billions of intestinal bacteria in our bodies, and some of them prevent us from losing weight.

In the first place, there are various kinds of “lactic acid bacteria” in our bodies, and finding the suitable ones to each individuals is said to be difficult. New research shows that everyone has different preferable lactic acid bacteria.

In order to improve the intestinal environment, intestinal bacteria take hugely important roles. To keep the healthy intestinal environment, growing the number of good intestinal bacteria is must.

In addition, muscles are required for smooth defecation. They work when we strain. Muscles are used for all the activities we do in our daily lives.

No pain, no gain. No efforts, no results.
Your continuous weight-loss efforts will surely lead you to success.

I know you feel a lot of stress while on a diet. Please check my previous blog “Hama’s diet method” for your reference.


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