An Actress Satomi Ishihara is popular among men and women. I’m actually in favor of her and love watching dramas and movies she is in.

Surprisingly, she used to have a problem of losing weight and regaining it repeatedly. I don’t mind if she gains weight a little, though. But as a top actress, I guess she need to maintain her body fit.

She drinks green smoothie to control her weight. Green smoothie consists of vegetables, fruits, soy milk or milk. All you have to do is mixing all the ingredients in a juicer, then you can enjoy rich-in-nutrients fresh juice.

Comparing with well-known healthy beverage called “aojiru”, the green smoothie sounds really nice, doesn’t it? Actually, the power of vegetables and fruits are amazing!


Satomi Ishihara loves it! Is “green smoothie” diet-effective?

Have you ever wondered why vegetables, fruits, soymilk and milk are often featured in dieting articles? I would like to tell you why then!

First and foremost, they are rich in vitamins.
I am summarizing the benefits of each vitamin and what ingredients are rich in those vitamins.

Vitamin A: Maintaining healthy skin and mucous membrane(carrot, spinach, brassica rapa)
Vitamin B1:Supporting saccharometabolism (soybean, brown rice, rice bran)
Vitamin B2:Maintaining healthy skin and mucous membrane (natto, milk)
Vitamin B6:Preventing skin diseases, mouth ulcers and anemia(soybean, walnut, banana)
Vitamin C:Improving skin condition and clearness, moisturizing skin(broccoli, strawberry, lemon, spinach)
Vitamin E:Anti-oxidative effect, anti-aging effect(soybean, milk, spinach)

You see, vegetables, fruits, soymilk and milk contain so much vitamins.

Furthermore, they are rich in dietary fibers!
Vegetables and fruits are diet-effective ingredients because they are rich in fibers. Dietary fibers improve intestinal environment and improve the bowel movements. When you are constipated, you hardly lose weight. Furthermore, improving intestinal environment improves your skin condition.

Vegetables and fruits are low in calories!
Even you eat vegetables and fruits a lot, your calorie intake doesn’t increase much and they are also filling! That’s why they are recommended dieting-ingredients.

However, fruits contain a good amount of sugar, so please don’t eat them too much.


Try making green smoothie!

So now, it’s time to make a green smoothie which Satomi Ishihara drinks every morning.

Making it is very easy. Wash your favorite vegetables and fruits carefully, peel their skin and cut them into pieces. Put them into a juicer together with either soymilk or milk, and press start! That’s it!

Wash vegetables and fruits carefully to remove residual pesticide.
For pesticide-free ingredients, eat them without peeling the skin to improve nutrition value.
Replace breakfast to smoothie to reduce calorie intake.
Drink it instead of eating snacks.


Delicious green smoothie recipe

Satomi Ishihara recommends “banana, blue berry and soy smoothie” recipe.
It sounds really nice! Using soymilk instead of milk improves nutrition value and enhances the mildness of taste.

You can use ingredients you like, but the combination of “fruit + vegetable + milk or soy milk (yogurt)” is the best.

If you use juicy ingredients like oranges, you can make smoothies without milk or soy milk. Some people use vegetables only but putting fruits enhances the sweetness and taste, makes it easy to drink.

There are delicious alternatives such as,
“Water melon + tomato + lemon” to eliminate the swelling,
“Spinach + pineapple + orange” to take a lot of fibers, and so on.

Enjoy creating your own favorite recipes!

Please check my previous blog “Latest Version of 2017, the best weight-lossmenus!” for your reference.


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