Healthily-slim body shapes are what women long for. There are many celebrities who have ideal body shapes, but this time I would like to focus on a Korean pop idol group “Girl’s Generation”

They made their debut in 2007 and have cranked out many hits since then. Their songs and dances are great but especially their beautiful legs! I guess many women are envious of them and wish for beautiful legs like theirs.

This time, let’s dig up Girl’s Generation members’ beauty secrets.


“Girl’s Generation” – their body shapes are just perfect

I guess majority of young women wish for slim and curvy body shapes. Many celebrities are slim but especially Girl’s Generation have been popular among young girls because of the way they dance with their beautiful long legs.

There are eight girls in the group and all of them are so slim and fit. I suppose they have different body types or physical constitutions, but how can all of them maintain their beautiful body shapes?

It seems that each one has her own dieting method. I don’t need to say this to their fans, but each one of them has different charms. Whose body shape is ideal to you?


SooYoung’s dieting method to get beautifully-slim arms and legs!

The leading dancer SooYoung is maybe one of the slimmest girls in the group. She does bicycle exercises.

Bicycle exercises consume a lot of calories and it is said that it’s an effective weight loss method. You can do it on the way to school or work so you don’t need special preparations for it. You can even save some transportation fee!

However, there is one thing you need to keep it in mind. You need to continuously and regularly do the exercise. SooYoung rides a bicycle three to five days a week. If you only ride it for a short period time, it’s not effective at all. You need to pedal the bicycle at least for 30 minutes.

Furthermore, ride it in a good posture. When pedaling, we become round-shouldered. To reduce the fat around your mid-section, straighten your back when riding it.


Try YuRi’s training methods to make your body curvy!

YuRi is another leading dancer and she has a nicely curved body. Her healthy body shape has attracted many fans.

YuRi does regular muscle trainings and she especially works on her abs.

If you think muscle trainings are too tough for you to continue, try yoga or Pilates.

Pilates is a type of exercise that requires attentions to breathing and posture. It’s not designed to build muscles like muscle trainings, but to develop strength, coordination and flexibility and so on. This is an exercises that strengthens core muscles and corrects body distortion, and enables you to make your body healthy and beautiful.

Not only YuRi but all the members are always cautious about their diet. They control their calorie intake, avoid eating too much carbohydrate and try taking a lot of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are rich in various nutrients. You should eat them regularly not only for maintaining your body shape but for improving your skin condition and anti-aging.

It seems like the beauty secret of Girl’s Generation is to continue practicing suitable weight loss methods for each individual. Beauty and health are deeply related, so be cautious about both of them. If you have any recommendation on weight loss programs, please let me know!

If you are trying to lose weight by changing your dietary lifestyle, please check my blog “Changing your eating style for efficient dieting! 3 tips to get a fastmetabolism.


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