An actress Erika Sawajiri got unfavorable public attentions in the past, such as her blunt attitude and response on stage (she once responded to the presenter of her movie preview event by saying “nothing”), or her divorce with her elder IT celebrity husband etc. BUT, I love her!

Her beautiful appearance and outstanding acting ability are amazing! I’m sure there are many male middle aged men who cry when she cries in a movie, or throb their hearts by seeing her in love in a drama.

By the way, do you remember there was a period she put on a little weight?

She had gone through a rough period of time – fired from her production company, and got married then soon divorced with her previous husband. After the period, she made a comeback but she looked a little chubbier

She still looked very attractive even she put extra weight though! But soon, she successfully lost her gained weight to become a suitable model for a TV commercial of a beauty salon. She is so professional!

I hear that she was drinking “ginger tea” to lose her weight. As you know ginger is good for health, but it’s also good for dieting.

Do you want to know the benefits of ginger tea that keep Erika gorgeous?


Ginger tea’s wonderful effects

“Ginger tea” is a mixture of tea and ginger. Ginger tea contains substances that maintain our bodies healthy, and some of them have weight loss effect.

I would like to introduce you the contained substances and their effects.

【Substances and effects contained in ginger】
Gingerol:improving blood circulation, bactericidal effect, boosting immune system and reducing cancer risks
Shogaol: improving blood circulation and perspiration, and thermal effect
Zingerone: dilating blood vessels, improving metabolism and supporting burning fat

Fresh ginger contains a good amount of substance called “gingerol”. This unique-named substance turns into “shogaol” or “zingerone” when heated.

These substances improve blood circulation and metabolism (increase fat-burning rate). So I recommend you to take dried or heated ginger.

【Substances and effects contained in tea】
Tea polyphenol: anti-oxidant effect, suppressing fat absorption, improving blood circulation and alleviating cold body constitution
Caffeine: improving metabolism, dilating blood vessels, supporting burning fat, diuretic effect

As you see, the tea also has many good effects. Therefore, the combination of ginger and tea makes a great weight-loss-supporter.


Why does improving metabolism improve weight-loss efficiency?

Why is “improving metabolism” good for dieting?

“Metabolism” is the energy consumption that is used for various human activities. Even while sleeping or staying still, we use energy to maintain our lives, such as thumping the heart, breathing and so on.

The level of metabolism varies from person to person. Some consume a lot of energy without doing something special, and on the contrary some consume less energy. We gain weight when we take more calories than we consume, and the leftover calories will turn into fat. If we take less calories than we consume, we will not gain any weight.

To consume calories we need to do some exercises. But moreover, we need to improve our metabolism to make our bodies more fat-burning-efficient.

Ginger tea’s various effects such as improving blood circulation and perspiration warm up our bodies. The raise of body temperature shows the energy has been consumed. It means the metabolism is improving.


Erika Sawajiri’s favorite! Delicious ginger tea recipes

Here I would like to introduce delicious ginger tea recipes that Erika Sawajiri recommended!

Prepare the followings:
– 1 teaspoon or 1 teabag of tea leaves
– 10g of fresh grated ginger
– 200ml of hot water
– Sugar, honey or brown sugar if you like

When grating the ginger, you don’t need to peal the skin because the skin is rich in various nutrients. After brewing the tea in boiling hot water, add the grated ginger, and some sugar/honey/brown sugar. That’s it! It’s very simple and easy to make, so please try it.

Brewing tea in boiling hot water is an important point here. Substances contained in ginger change when heated so that the tea becomes more diet-effective.

Enjoy lovely and healthy tea time!


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