Actress Nanako Matsuhima recently took a leading role in a TV drama called “Kaseifu-no-Mita (Housekeeper Mita)”. The expressionless woman she played was really cool.

In her real life, she is a mother of two but she doesn’t look like it at all. She maintains her beautifully fit body shape and fair skin as she was before childbirth. What’s her secret?

She actually changed her diet to Japanese traditional meals and ate them served in small dishes. Let’s call her weight loss program “the small-dish diet”.

She made a comeback only four months after her first childbirth, and she successfully lost 7kg in one month. This time, I would like to introduce her “small-dish diet”.


What is “small-dish diet”? Is it effective?

You don’t need to keep eating special diet meals or do some weight-loss exercises. You just eat Japanese traditional meals served in small dishes. How simple is that!

In Japan, we have a traditional meal style called “ichiju-sansai (soup and three side dishes)”. Well-balanced various nutrients are contained in the “one soup and three side dishes” and therefore, it’s good for dieters.

The reasons why the “one soup and three side dishes” meal style is good for dieting are as follows:

The portion of meal for one person becomes clear so that we can avoid eating too much.
By having variety of dishes, we can have a feeling of satisfaction.
By eating small portions of different food from different small dishes, it takes longer to eat a meal and we can avoid eating too fast.
Japanese food are generally healthy and low in calories.

As you see, Japanese traditional food with the small-dish-style can be a good dieting menu.


Improve your health by eating Japanese food!

Eating Japanese food improves your health.

It’s because Japanese food is originally vegetable-and-fish based. Boiled spinach with soy sauce dressing, fish cooked in soy sauce etc. There are so many healthy recipes available. You can take various nutrients by putting a lot of vegetables in miso soup as well.

By eating vegetable-rich Japanese food, you can take a lot of vitamins and dietary fibers.

Taking vitamins improve your immune system and skin condition. Furthermore, taking dietary fibers improves your intestinal environment and bowel movement.

In the first place, maintaining your health is crucial when you want to lose weight while keeping your beauty. Therefore, low-in-fat Japanese dishes are ideal for dieters.


Healthy and delicious Japanese “small-dishes”

I would like to introduce you some traditional Japanese dishes usually served in small dishes. These are all rich in vitamins and fibers.

Boiled hijiki-seaweed flavored with soy sauce and sugar
Boiled spinach flavored with sesame
Vinegared dried radish and cucumber
Vinegared seaweed and cucumber
Pickled vegetables such as takuan-radish

You can put them in plastic containers and keep them in the fridge for a few days. You don’t need to cook them every day!

Also chewing well and eating slowly are important. Chewing stimulates the satiety center so that you can avoid eating too much. Eating fast may lead to plumpness.

Furthermore, brown rice is better than white rice for dieters. The brown rice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and the harder texture makes you chew more which makes you feel full.
Anyway, try “small-dish diet” first to make you healthier and more beautiful!


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