While working in an office, have you ever worried about something? Yes, it’s lack of exercise. I usually sit in front of PC for a long time while working, so I tend to be short of exercise too.

Being short of exercise is a serious problem for everyone nowadays. I hear a lot of people saying “I think I have put on some weight lately……”

This time, I would like to focus on weight-loss methods that can be done in the office!


Why is working in the office an enemy of weight-loss?

To begin with, why do people having a desk job tend to gain weight? Some say “When I had a standing work, I had never worried about gaining weight, but since started a desk job, I think my body shape has been changed….”

“Lack of exercise” is a reason. Sitting in a desk chair for all day doesn’t give us many opportunities for doing physical activities.

Of course, it’s possible to maintain your body shape by doing exercises regularly or going to the gym, but I guess many of you are too busy to do so. Getting up early to go to work and coming home late. It’s hard to make time for work out after work.

However, your muscle mass and metabolism will decrease unless you work out regularly. As a consequence, your body will no longer be able to burn fat efficiently and the fat will stay in the body instead. “Obesity” is a condition of keeping too much fat in the body.

Another reason is snacking in the office. People who have a standing job don’t have time for snacking or eating except lunch break. On the other hand, people who are working in the office may snack mindlessly.

I guess it’s rather common to have some snacks or sweets in the office as refreshment but you should refrain yourself from eating too much of them.


Do exercises in the office!

Sitting in an office chair makes your body stiff and gives you stiff shoulders. Just doing a little exercise will make you feel better and make a difference to your dieting. Let me introduce you how to do it.

Firstly, tighten up your lower body while sitting in a chair. Lift your toes and hold the position for five seconds. This exercise works on tightening up calves.

Next, work on tightening up your thighs. Sit shallowly and hold a book or cushion between knees. This is surprisingly hard. If you want to raise your hip, flex the hip and hold it for 30 seconds.

Then, work on tightening up your waist. Straight your back and sit shallowly with the knees together then raise both legs and hold them for 10 seconds. How was it? Did you feel your abdominal muscles work?

Small daily efforts make a difference. Let’s try!


Be cautious about your daily diet

“Daily Diet” is also important to maintain your body shape. The calorie consumption and intake are deeply related to your body weight.

For example, if you have a desk job, you consume 1,300 to 1,500kcal a day. You can calculate how much calories you need to take based on your calorie consumption.

Eating something that have fat-burning or constipation-alleviating effects is also important. Things that improve your metabolism is also good for dieting.

Considering the above points, I recommend you to take fermented foods! Fermented foods have various dieting effects such as burning fat, alleviating constipation or improving metabolism. They are rich in various nutrients, so you can improve your skin condition or health by eating them. Eating them is so beneficial.

However, making continuous efforts is most important. Don’t take excessive measures but continue making small daily efforts.

There is a weight-loss effective diet an actress Erika Sawajiri follows. Please check my previous blog “Actress Erika Sawajiri loves it! Improveyour metabolism by drinking ginger tea”.


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