You will suddenly hit a weight-loss plateau.

“In the beginning, I had been enjoying watching my weight to go down, however, it suddenly stopped!” I guess many dieters have experience this.

The weight-loss plateau is really hard to overcome and discourage us so badly.

However, unless you overcome it, you won’t get a success! This time, I would like to talk about how to overcome the weight-loss plateau. If you are in the middle of it, please check it out.


Why do we hit a weight-loss plateau?

The sudden stop of weight-loss while dieting is called a “weight-loss plateau”. It is deeply related to “homeostasis”.

Homeostasis is the maintenance of relatively stable conditions within the body’s internal environment. For example, when eating spicy curry, we sweat. This is a reaction of homeostasis. Our bodies try to accommodate ourselves to the sudden changes in environment.

Homeostasis works on maintaining our weight. When losing weight, our bodies think the calorie intake has decreased and the calorie intake has increased. As a consequence, our bodies slower the metabolism to deal with it.

Human bodies are really well-organized. However, we need to deal with the change!


When does “weigh-loss plateau” start and finish?

So, when do we hit a weight-loss plateau?
Commonly, it is said that it starts one month after starting dieting, or when we have lost 5% of the body weight.

Of course, when the period hits totally differs from person to person because the weight-loss methods are individual so as the original weights.

For example, some people hit their weight-loss plateaus soon after they started dieting or have lost little weight. The increase/decrease amount of body weight is different from individual to individual, and people who have lost weight quickly will hit their weight-loss plateaus early.

This period is said to finish in two weeks or one month. The length of the period is also individually different, but remember, many will experience some sort of weight-loss plateaus.


How to overcome the weight-loss plateau

To make your weight-loss a success, you need to overcome the weight-loss plateau. Let me tell you how to.

Firstly, don’t be too upset and don’t be too intensive with your weight-loss efforts when you hit the weight-loss plateau. Some people get flustered and think “Oh, I should reduce calorie intake!” “I should do tougher exercises!”

However, your body may have lowered your metabolism to protect your body, so making excessive effort may make your homeostasis kicks in. In this case, I suggest you to ease your dieting efforts for a few days.

The best way to overcome this period is reviewing your dietary lifestyle.

Many people think “weight-loss method” equals to “reducing the amount of meals”. Eating low-in-calorie meals only is also widely considered.

However, these are just temporary measurements. Do you think you can continuously eat only such meals for a long period of time? Unless you continue such lifestyle, you will regain your lost weight.
In order to avoid regaining weight, you should eat well-balanced meals that improve your intestinal environment. Fermented foods and dietary fibers have detoxification effects and support your metabolism. Your metabolism will be boosted by taking them.

Don’t get too stressed out when you hit the weight-loss plateau. Take it easy and enjoy your dieting efforts.

If you are thinking of going on a diet, please check my blog “Is working in an office anenemy of weight-loss? Weight-loss method you can easily do in the office”.


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