A famous annual TV program called “Nijuyojikan-TV(24-hour television)” was broadcasted this summer as well. There are always many interesting programs and plans in the TV series, but I am especially moved by an annual marathon in that celebrities run a long marathon with all their efforts.

This year, an actress Satomi Ishihara was appointed as one of the presenters. She has been ranked as “the woman who has the ideal feature”, and she has been recognized as a beautiful actress by all.

By the way, she has also ranked as “the person who has the most beautiful feature selected by Hamamoto”! It was Yuki Saito 20 years ago though. Lol.

When she started her actress carrier she was actually slightly chubbier. In fact, she went on a diet and successfully lost her weight! Let’s dig up her secret weight-loss method this time.


Was Satomi Ishihara plumpy!?

Now, Satomi Ishihara has a beautiful feature and body shape recognized by all. She won “the Hori Production Scout Caravan Grand Prix” in 2002, then became widely popular. She has been on many dramas, movies and stage plays since then.

One of her mile stones in her carrier probably is that she played the main role of a television drama series called “Teruteru-Kazoku” on NHK. She had thick eyebrows and played a cheerful and energetic woman. In some photos, she actually looks chubbier back then.

Of course she was and has been beautiful, but I may say she looks more elegant and refined now. Now, she has become an actress who even represents Japan. I think her successful weight-loss has made her even more beautiful.


Take a good long bath

What she first tried to lose weight was to take a half-body bathing. She sets the temperature of the bath at 42℃, and take a long bath as watching TV in the bath.

She says she takes a half-body bath for a relaxation purpose, not for a stoic weight-loss purpose. Therefore, apart from watching TV in the bath, she brings her mobile phone, favorite drinks, magazines or scripts to make her bath time enjoyable.

She has some after-bath routines as well. After taking the half-body bath, she does stretching for about 5 to 10 minutes. Relieving muscle stiffness has a good effect on improving metabolism. Stretching improves the quality of sleep. She says she has no trouble getting up early in the morning since she started after-bath stretching.

As you see, she values her bath time. Once you have been able to make taking a good long bath into a custom, you will feel the effects.


Eat Japanese food

Another thing she has been cautious about for dieting is her dietary lifestyle. She mainly eats Japanese food and tries to take a lot of vegetables. From her stylish appearance, I thought she would rather prefer eating western dishes…lol.

In fact, many celebrities abroad are found of Japanese diet!

“One soup and three dishes” style meal is the key. Japanese traditional cuisine style is really well-balanced and healthy.

On the contrary, if you keep eating fast food or ill-balanced meals, your metabolism will be lowered. Furthermore, even if a food or an ingredient is considered good for dieting, eating the same specified food is strongly discouraged. Eating well-balanced food and taking various nutrients is really important.

Satomi Ishihara tries to eat the “one soup and three dishes style” meals even when she is busy. I tend to skip meals when I am busy….lol.

There are many methods we can learn from Satomi Ishihara’s weight-loss methods. Try what you can do comfortably. Enjoying the process of weight-loss is also important!

If you are interested in an actress Michiko Kichise’s weight-loss method, please check “Actress Michiko Kichise’s follows “Fermented Brown Rice Diet ” since she was 28. Whatis it!?


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