Scandals – that are what make celebrities shiver.
If a bad rumor gets afloat, viewers avoid watching her.

However, there is a TV personality who doesn’t hesitate to work actively regardless of scandals. Her name is Mona Yamamoto.

She was caught up in love affair scandals twice, but still active in show business. I guess she has had hard times, but her appearance and face doesn’t tell them. Why is that?

This time, let’s dig up Mona Yamamoto’s beauty secret!


Scandalous personality – Mona Yamamoto’s beauty secrets

Mona Yamamoto is a former announcer of Asahi Broadcasting Corp. While she was working as a freelance announcer she was caught up in a scandal with a congressman. She had been suspended from work for a while, then soon after she started afresh over, she was caught up in a similar scandal again.

Usually, celebrities who are caught up in scandals twice receive negative public opinions. However, if I look at it from a different angle, that happened because she was very charming. Mona Yamamoto’s father is Norwegian. Her well-proportioned body is something every woman longs for.

It seems that she is very cautious about keeping herself fit. She is successfully keeping her well-proportioned body shape after childbirth. I have heard that she drinks enzyme-rich beverages regularly.

What benefits can enzyme-rich beverages bring to us?


Can we lose weight by drinking enzyme-rich beverages?

Nowadays, many people think enzyme-rich beverages are good for dieting.

Enzyme-rich beverages support digestion, and supply metabolizing enzymes. I don’t say “You can lose weight by just drinking enzyme-rich drinks!” but I can say that various nutrients contained in the enzyme-rich drinks support you maintaining your body being in balance and improve your metabolism.

Enzymes also adjust intestinal environment. Approaching dieting with improving from the interior of the body greatly works. Ms. Yamamoto did “Curvy Dance” and has been cautious about eating a lot of vegetables in addition to taking enzyme-rich beverages.


How to take enzyme-rich drinks efficiently

I think everyone wants to know how to make the most of enzyme drinks when we drink them!

First of all, when to drink is highly important. When your stomach is empty, your body efficiently absorb nutrients. Therefore, drinking it before breakfast is recommended. Drinking it before any meals is also good.

You may want to replace your regular meals to enzyme-rich beverages. You can reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake by replacing a meal to an enzyme-rich beverage.

By the way, we commonly drink enzyme drinks with water or sparkling water. Drinking it with tea or vegetable and fruit juice is also popular. My recommendation is drinking it with soy milk, but Mona Yamamoto’s favorite is to drink it with water or sparkling water.

She is still very active in show business after her successful weight-loss after childbirth. It seems like she is thinking of having another child which will be her third children. I’m looking forward to her further success!

Speaking of having a slim and well-portioned body, I have written a weight-loss related article of a Korean idol group “Girl’s Generation” – “Get beautiful legs! Korean pop star “Girl’s Generation” will tell you how to!


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