I guess many women refer to actresses and models’ beauty methods when starting a diet. I think many women have their favorite celebrities who they long for.

I would like to talk about an actress Kaoru Sugita this time. She was a famous child actress and has been in many dramas and movies as well as comedy shows since then. With her outspoken character, she has become a much sought after celebrity.

But, I have noticed that I see her less on TV recently.

So, I googled her media appearances and found that she has successfully lost her weight and maintains her beauty! Let me introduce her weight-loss method here.


Kaoru Sugita made her diet a success

It seems like farming is the center of her life now. That’s the reason we see her less on TV now.

She says the farming has changed her life completely. She tried a weight-loss method featuring organic vegetables as a part of TV program and successfully lost her weight. The success made her to go further.

Actually, she has published a weight-loss method book, and you can see how drastically her appearance has changed. Her waist, hips, sighs, calves and upper arms have been beautifully shaped up and body fat rate has been dropped.

We need to be careful with a weight-loss rebound but Kaoru Sugita maintains her body shape after the successful weight-loss. She says the diet success has made her healthier as well. She feels that her poor circulation and skin condition have been improved and blood glucose level has actually been lowered.


Kaoru Sugita’s recommendation! The method of making an enzyme drink

She lost 10kg in 70days in the TV program. She simultaneously tried several weight-loss methods in the program, but I would like to especially focus on the one that features “enzyme drinks”. “Enzyme drinks” have become a well-known weight-loss item nowadays.

Kaoru Sugita was drinking a homemade enzyme-rich drink that contained one organic apple, 1/4 of a carrot, and one of Japanese mustard spinach, kale or 6 leaves of spinach. It’s really easy to make it.

Another recipe contains one orange, 1/4 of a carrot, 4 leaves of cabbage instead. Try different ingredients and enjoy making your own favorite enzyme drink recipe!


The benefits of enzyme-rich beverages

What benefits can we receive by drinking enzyme-rich beverages then?

Needless to say, dieting effect can be expected. Our bodies can absorb nutrients efficiently from enzyme drinks and this support making our body fast-fat-burning. In addition to drinking enzyme beverages, modest amount of work outs and eating well-balanced meals are also the key for a successful dieting.

Enzyme beverages are said to be good for improving skin condition as well. The ingredients of the beverages – vegetables and fruits – contain various nutrients so we can take variety of nutrients at once by drinking them. The drinks alleviate constipation as well. Get a happy weight-loss result by drinking enzyme-rich beverages!


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