Guys love boxing! I also wanted to be a boxer once, lol.

To people in my generation, boxing reminds us of Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” series.

I’m not sure about the recent one, but I think “Rocky 4” is a masterpiece. He went to Russia to avenge his best friend, and the story grabbed many men’s hearts.

It’s my secret that after watching “Rocky 4”, I determined to become a stronger man and collected leaflets of boxing gyms, lol.

Sorry, I’m returning to our subject.

I must mention a professional boxer Koki Kameda who showed us profound boxing matches.

During his playing days, his unique speeches and outstanding characteristics often got public attentions, but I would rather focus on his perfectly-fit body. We should ask him what he did to build such a perfect body!

So, let me tell you about Koki Kameda’s weight-loss method this time.


Boxers’ weight-loss methods and common weight-loss methods are totally different

Before boxing matches, boxers adjust their weight to their weight classes. At the time of weigh in, they look like they are having a pretty hard time – but they regain their weight before their matches begin.

Therefore, their weight-loss method is very special. It’s like they reduce the amount of water content in the body to the utmost limit once then increase it after weigh in. Their weight-loss efforts focus more on regaining the lost weight rightly without harming their conditions than losing weight.

Thus, the goal of dieting between us and professional boxers are different. If you really want your diet to be a success, you really need to commit daily dieting effort in the first place.


Build muscles to improve basal metabolism

I guess building muscles like Koki Kameda is not something ordinary women aim at. I know I won’t be able to get that fit body even I do exercises. Lol.

According to Koki Kameda, building modest amount of muscles is important for dieting.

It’s because building muscles improve basal metabolism. The basal metabolism indicates the calories that are naturally consumed while we are just breathing. Ordinary men consume 1500 kcal while women consume 1200 kcal.

It is said that muscles consume 20% of basal metabolism. This means if you can increase your muscle mass, you can also increase your calorie consumption.

Of course, building muscles doesn’t give you a quick weight-loss result. However, to build muscles, you are required to do some exercises regularly. If exercising becomes your routine, you will be able to lose weight naturally.

Let’s make your own workout routine to build a naturally slim body!


Vegetable first! Kameda’s diet plan!

Mr. Kameda usually eat a variety of vegetables. He didn’t like vegetables so much before, but changed his diet to vegetable-centered and eat them with favorite dressings.

And what he recommends to eat the most is “natto (fermented soy beans)”. He eats 7 packages a day!

Natto is a well-known nutritious Japanese food from way back. Protein contained in natto has a fat-burning effect and a nutrient called saponin contained in soy beans has obesity prevention effect. Natto is a real diet-friendly food. Start eating natto today!

Mr. Kameda eats a proper amount of breakfast and lunch but eats less at night. This is also essential to dieting. I know many people skip breakfast when they are busy, but to make the brain work and for dieting, eat a good amount of breakfast.

As you have learned, Mr. Kameda’s weight-loss method is to eat appropriately instead of skipping meals. This way, we can easily continue dieting efforts.

If you have trouble losing weight, please check my blog “Don’t give up! How to overcome a weight-loss plateau”.


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