Becky had a rough period due to a love affair scandal and had been suspended from wok, but she is back now and we have more chances to see her smiling on TV recently.

This time, I would like to introduce three of Becky’s weight-loss methods!


Drink hot water to protect your body from coldness!

Becky is a popular TV personality who looks cheerful and animating! She is as beautiful as she was before the scandal. What are her beauty secrets?

First one is “drinking hot water”.

I guess many people think “How can we lose weight by just drinking hot water?” Becky drinks 2 litters of hot water a day.

She drinks hot water to improve her basal metabolism. Basal metabolism is deeply related to dieting. When basal metabolism is increased, calorie consumption is also increased.

Furthermore, blood circulation is also increased so that sensitivity to cold and dropsy can be alleviated. By warming up organs, digestion is also improved. Just by drinking hot water, you can get these wonderful benefits. Let’s start it today!

This method is especially effective to those who have sensitivity to cold. It’s also good for people who are not used to do regular exercises. To make the hot water, using a microwave is fine. How easy it is!


Put on layers of socks to get beautiful legs!

Becky is seriously taking countermeasures to overcome the sensitivity to cold.

She puts layers of socks on to improve her poor circulation. She puts on 4 layers of socks in summer and 10 layers of socks in winter!

She puts on socks made from different materials – silk for the first layer, wool for the second layer, silk again for the third layer, wool again or cotton for the fourth layer.

She puts on many layers of socks to improve her metabolism. It’s the same reason she drinks hot water.

It has been said that if you leave a part of your body cold, your metabolism will be lowered and you will have difficulties with losing weight. If you leave your body cold, discharging body waste will be disturbed and this may cause dropsy or cellulite.

Putting on many socks doesn’t give you a quick weight-loss result, but continuous efforts will surely make a difference.

It’s simple. You just put on many layers of socks. I suggest you to put on five-toe silk socks for the first layer. The five-toe socks don’t disturb blood flow. Anyway, why don’t you try it today?


Is that it? All you have to do is to chew well!

The third of Becky’s weight-loss method is “chewing well”.

How well do you chew when you eat? We tend to swallow food without chewing much unless we are intending to do so. Chewing 30 times before swallowing is recommended.

How come is chewing well related to weight-loss?

Firstly, it will prevent you from eating excessive amount of food. Chewing things stimulate the satiety center so that we can feel full before eating too much.

Secondly, this improves metabolism. In fact, chewing consumes calories. The more you chew the more you burn calories.

Thirdly, “rebound weight gain can be avoided” by chewing food well. This dieting method doesn’t require food restrictions, therefore the rebound weight gain less likely occurs. Furthermore, continuing this habit will make your stomach smaller.

Becky’s weight-loss methods are easy to try. Let’s try them

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