I think plump soft thighs is one of the charming characteristics of women, however, women don’t always take this so.

Having heavy looking thighs annoys many women. In fact, slimming thighs is not so easy.

This time, I would like to focus on methods to get fit and slim thighs!


Why do thighs get heavier easily?

First, let me tell you why the thighs get heavier easily. It is said that there are three reasons that make your thighs bigger.

Muscles is one thing. Especially people who are athletic, their strong muscles make the thighs look bigger. People who often wear high-heels also have the same tendency.

Muscular people usually have tough legs which actually feel hard and firm when touching them. Some people say “I used to be really athletic and muscular. That’s why I have gained fat now.” In this case, muscles have possibly turned into fat.

The second reason lies in fat. Thighs have tendency to accumulate fat easily, and unlike offal fat, they are clearly visible. This annoys people. If you can pinch a think pile of fat when pinching your thighs or have noticed the existence of fat around your knees, you are possibly obese.

The third reason is swelling. Have you ever thought “My legs look heavier in the evening than morning”?

Women in general have less muscles than men, so they have tendency to have problems with smooth lymph flows or have poor blood circulation. If you leave the stagnant lymph flow or accumulated body waste without care, they will cause unwilling cellulite.

Swelling is also called as “flab”. If your legs swell in the evening or your thighs get white and stay still for a while by a push, you possibly have a flabby body.


Slimming Thighs Method 1: Aerobic exercises for losing fat!

Aerobic exercises are the best to slim fatty thighs!

Among many aerobic exercises, I recommend jogging. Jogging consume a lot of calories so it’s a good effective weight-loss method in general. Be cautious about your jogging form. Keeping the right form is the key.

Other than jogging, swimming, cycling and aerobics are good. Whatever you choose, continue the exercise more than 20 minutes. Our bodies start burning fat more efficiently after 20 minutes of aerobic exercises. Working out every day is also important.

However, I understand it’s hard to get used to do exercising every day especially for the exercise beginners.

To those who are not used to do exercising regularly, I recommend walking. A modest amount of walking is not too tiring and easy to continue. The key is the same as jogging. Walk with the right form!


Slimming Thighs Method 2: Eat something that have counter-swelling effect

When dealing with flabby thighs, it’s important to alleviate swelling symptoms. Eat something that have counter-swelling effect to prevent it.

Potassium is a nutrient you should take to deal with swelling. Potassium supports adjusting moisture in our bodies at the right level.

Spinaches, mushrooms, cabbages, seaweeds are rich in potassium. Beans such as peanuts or almonds, fruits such as bananas or prunes also contain a good amount of potassium.

Polyphenol is also effective for alleviating swelling. Polyphenol also purifies blood and improves metabolism. With these effects, blood circulation will be improved.

Grapes, mangos, apples and berries are rich in polyphenol. Sweet potatoes and green peppers, fermented soybeans “natto” and soybeans are the vegetables that are rich in polyphenol. Taking polyphenol also alleviate sensitivity to cold. Polyphenol is something you must take!

If you have a desk job, please check “Is working in an office an enemy of weight-loss? Weight-loss method you can easily do in the office”.


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