Everyone experiences aging and it’s becoming harder to maintain a youthful appearance. However, there are women who seem to be ageless. They are called “Bimajo(美魔女- beautiful witches)” in Japanese.

Bimajos have beautiful and youthful looking faces as well as well-shaped bodies. I guess many women want to be like them.

This time, let’s dig up bimajo’s beauty secrets!


Rule No.1 – Keep your body warm

First of all, keeping your body warm is very important. There are many women who have bad circulation, but raising body temperature brings many benefits to us.

Metabolism is increased by raising temperature. This means the amount of energy consumption is also increased. As a consequence, your body will become fat-burning efficient.

Rising 1℃ of body temperature increases basal metabolism by 13%. If you want to consume the same amount of calories, you need to go walking for about 50 minutes. You can see raising body temperature is an efficient way to lose weight. Keep yourself warm!

As for how to raise body temperature, I recommend you to warm up your body from inside by taking appropriate drinks and food. If you keep drinking cold beverages, of course your body will be cooled down. Therefore, even in summer, drink warm beverages and avoid eating things that will decrease your body temperature too much.

Try eating things that warm up your body such as gingers or green onions. These ingredients are well-known as a cold remedy because our immune systems are strengthened by raising body temperature. This is another benefit.

Having poor circulation causes swelling. I think there are many people who have troubles with swelling and this symptom affects our appearances. Take a good long bath and massage your body in the bath. Doing it every day is a key.


If you don’t like exercises, improve your dietary lifestyle

Do you like exercises?

We all know that “Exercising is the quickest way to lose weight!”, but it’s actually really tough to continue doing regular exercises. I guess some of you have a weight gain rebound experience.

But you will never be able to lose weight unless doing something effective for dieting!
Changing your dietary lifestyle is one thing.

Dietary lifestyle has a great impact on weight loss maintenance. However, I understand that following strict dietary restriction rules is difficult to continue. Then there are some tips for you to improve your dietary lifestyle.

For example, use healthier ingredients or more vegetables when cooking. Bimajos actually eat a good amount of meat but eat more amount of vegetables. Replacing white rice with brown rice or adding enzyme supplements are recommended.

Healthier dietary lifestyle supports ageless beauty. In order to improve your skin condition and maintain it beautifully, taking an inner-body approach is necessary in addition to cosmetic approaches.


Stress is bad for dieting and skin!

When we are on a diet, we sometimes become sensitive to stress. Having severe dietary restrictions and rules is in fact stressful, and if you feel too stressed out, you won’t get a truly successful dieting result.

You may eat more than usual when stressed out, or stress can damage your skin condition. “Avoiding stresses” is a key to become an ageless beauty. Be relaxed and comfortable while making a weight-loss effort.

Enjoy your dieting process!


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