Shiho is a popular Japanese model who has become 41 years old in 2018, but doesn’t look like it at all!

She has been fit and beautiful since she was younger. How does she maintain her body shape? Let’s dig up Shiho’s beauty secrets this time!


Yoga makes Shiho’s perfect body shape!

Shiho is often featured as a model who has long and slim arms and legs.

However, she had a hard time to maintain her body shape after childbirth. Especially after breast-feeding period ended, she found it difficult to take care of her body while busy with childcare and work. She realized that her body shape had been changed and stressed out by busyness.

Then Shiho tried “Yoga”.

Yoga is an activity that consists of synchronized breathing and posing. It’s relaxing and has good effects on weight-loss. It strengthens core muscles and increases metabolism. As a result, the body will become diet-efficient. Shiho says yoga practices make her relaxed and calm as well.

Shiho does yoga three or four times a week. When busy, she only does a three-minutes session a day, but she says continuing the practice is the most important. She prefers to do it in the morning to check her physical condition.

You can practice it in your scattered spare time like while watching TV or during the break at work. Are you not an athletic type of person? No worries!


Shiho loves eating dates and pine nuts. What are they?

Apart from constantly practicing yoga, Shiho is also careful about her diet to maintain her body shape. She eats dried fruits especially “dates” and “pine nuts”. They are not so common in Japan but let me introduce their good health effects.

Dates are even used as an herbal medicine and highly nutritious. Stress reduction and anemia prevention are its well-known effects.

Dates also have anti-aging and weight-loss effects as they are rich in vitamin c as well as other nutrients that work on anti-aging. Furthermore, they suppress cholesterol absorption and support burning fat.

Pine nuts have various health effects, such as preventing constipation, improving anemia symptoms, poor blood circulation, skin and hair conditions, and metabolism. Pine nuts are also used as an herbal medicine.

Dried dates are tasty as they are, but eating them with yogurt is also good. However, they contain a good amount of sugar, so don’t take them too much. As for pine nuts, you can use them for cooking. Pine nuts go well with many ingredients, so you can add them to your ordinary recipes.


Don’t push yourself too hard! Shiho’s weight-loss method

Shiho tries yoga and is conscious about her diet, but she doesn’t push herself too hard to deal with them.

Shiho doesn’t take yoga practices as they are something she has to do to maintain her body shape. She does yoga because she enjoys it. That’s why she can continue yoga practices without having difficulties.

Making enjoyable and continuous efforts is the closest way to achieve the goal. Find a suitable method and keep up with it.

The same thing applies to the diet. Shiho usually tries to eat vegetables-centered diet, but eats meat when she wants. Some people may think meat is an ingredient we should avoid eating while on a diet, but protein contained in meat is an essential nutrient for us.

Being too strict on diet may cause a weight-loss rebound. Take it easy and enjoy your weight-loss efforts.

If you are interested in other weight-loss methods, please check “Simple and easy! Eat okara(soy bean curd) to lose weight”.


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