If you are into the enzyme dieting, you may wonder whether there are easier methods for weight loss. If there are I will be happy too.
And listen, there actually are!
Two following methods make the enzyme dieting more effective.
-Stretch a little before going to bed.
-Have a good night sleep.
See, it’s easy, isn’t it!?
Well, let me tell you more about them then.


Why is stretching before going to bed good?

To have a good night sleep, it is important to warm up your body before going to bed. Our body temperature is high while awake, and it falls when we are asleep, and around the wake-up time, it rises again.
Therefore, if you warm up your body before going to bed, your body temperature falls gradually when you fall asleep and you will be able to fall asleep naturally.
The best thing to do is to stretch or do some light exercise. Add stretching to your pre-sleep time routine before going to bed and this warms up your body from inside.


Stretch improves the enzyme dieting effects

If you want a fast weight loss results, you definitely should stretch.
The combination of light stretching and enzyme dieting makes our body easier to eject waste. Stretching improves the amount of muscles, so this will turn your body into fast-fat-burning.
The enzyme dieting improves metabolism and stretching improves fat-burning efficiency, and the dieting effects will be doubled.
Please be advised that committing excessive exercises is discouraged. It’s unnecessary. Because the enzyme dieting would give you a successful dieting results as long as you keep doing light exercises.


Stretching methods

-Sit cross-legged and join soles together, then bend forward for stretching hips joints.
-Lie on your stomach, and put your hands on the floor beside your chest, then push your chest against the floor to stretch abdominal muscles.
-Turn your neck, shoulders, wrists and ankles.
You may say “Really? Is that all?”
Yes it actually is!
There are other stretching methods. Please find the most suitable one for you, then your sleep quality will be improved.


How to improve the quality of sleep

What is the definition of good sleep?
It’s a sleep you healthily lose weight. You may say, “Seriously? “. Yes, it actually is!
In order to lose weight, you need to let your body enzymes effectively work for you.
Of course, just sleeping without doing anything doesn’t make a difference. If you want to lose weight, you need to acquire a habit that improves your metabolism.
Please check the following methods.
To improve the quality of sleep, how you spend your time before going to bed matters. Try to relax as much as possible and fall asleep naturally.
For that, the followings are very important.
-Eat well-balanced meals.
-Don’t stay up late.


What is a well-balanced meal?

Melatonin is a hormone that controls our body’s sleep cycle, and the shortage of melatonin causes sleep deprivation. To promote the melatonin secretion, taking good protein sources such as meat, fish or milk, or vegetables that contain a lot of melatonin is important.
To be more specific, eat chicken that helps to increase melatonin, and also eat sprouts, alfalfa, broccoli sprouts, radish sprouts or corns that contain an abundance of melatonin. Sprouts also contain a lot of vitamins as well as enzymes. Don’t miss the health benefits they give us.


The reasons we should not stay up late.

Sleeping long hours doesn’t make the quality of your sleep perfect. The time of night you sleep has a significant influence on the quality of sleep.
Sleeping before midnight while metabolism enzymes and growth hormones are active the most, in other words, following human’s natural life cycle, is recommended.
If you stay up late, you may tend to have late night snacks and may fall asleep before the foods are fully digested.
During the sleep, metabolism enzymes and growth hormones work actively, and thereore our metabolism is activated. But if you stay up late or eat late at night, these actions may cause harm to your body as follows.

1)The enzymes that are originally for metabolism are required to work for digestion, and as a consequence, this will cause the deterioration of metabolism activities, such as burning fat or regenerating the skin, etc.

2)Naturally, growth hormones burn fat and convert it to energy in our body, however, if you eat something late at night, these hormones are used to digest the taken food first and try to burn the taken fat first before burning the one that has been in our body.

3)Lack of sleep deteriorates the production of metabolism enzymes and growth hormones.


Editorial Note

I suppose you are now aware that staying up late and lack of sleep can cause harm to your body.
To maximize the effects of the enzyme dieting, do stretching, eat well-balanced meals and stop staying up late.
I understand that you may have troubles maintaining your life rhythm as planned due to the occurrence of sudden job-related events, such as having work-related dinners, meeting with clients, or business trips etc.
When your schedules are too tight and rough, please take “Nakakirei Enzyme” with you. This will help you maintaining your life rhythm.


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