You may have seen some actresses on TV who have returned to work with perfectly fit body after a few month of childbirth.
Yu Yamada, the wife of Shun Oguri, surprised me after her first childbirth as she was so skinny. I even doubted if she really delivered her baby by herself!
During the pregnancy, the average weight gain is 10kg -12kg, and everyone puts on more than 8kg and some put on nearly 20kg. Therefore, losing weight to the level of pre-childbirth is quite hard. I guess celebrities make huge efforts to lose weight.
However, they don’t disclose their hard work behind the scenes, so I guess many people become jealous of Yu Yamada for being “I gave a birth but gained ZERO weight” and give her bashing comments.
Celebrities receive a bashing when they gain weight, and also receive it when they lose weight. I assume they need to be really tough inside.


Breast-feeding mothers’ unstoppable appetite

When the baby is delivered, the mother loses about 5kg of weight considering the weight of the baby and placenta. If she puts on 12kg during the pregnancy, she needs to lose 7kg to be back to the weight of pre-childbirth.
Imagine how large a chunk of 7kg of meat would be. I’m sure the butcher will give you a huge chunk. This means mothers need to lose the same amount of fat and it’s easy to imagine this won’t be so easy!
But the good news is, while breast-feeding, women’s body produces a lot of breast milk and the weight would naturally be reduced.
Quicker individuals lose weight to the pre-childbirth level in about a month without doing anything special.
However, while breastfeeding, mothers seem to have unstoppable appetite like a sumo wrestler.
If the amount of food intake and the production of breast milk are equal, there wouldn’t be a problem, however, as new born babies do not drink much milk, the food intake tend to surpass the production of breast milk.
Given the situation, putting on weight seems more likely to happen than losing weight.


In order to produce good breast milk, dietary restrictions is strongly discouraged.

“I have got to do something!” You may rash to go on a diet, but in order to produce good breast milk for your precious babies, dietary restrictions is strongly discouraged. Of course, eating and drinking excessive amount is not good, but you should eat variety of vegetables, meat, and other foods to maintain well-balanced diet, otherwise, the quality of breast milk will be affected.
If the breast milk is poorly produced, babies will cry and wake up over and over again in the middle of the night. Needless to say, being a mother of new born babies is hectic, but breast-feeding multiple times a night will make her even more hectic.
In addition, if you use powdered milk, your body stops producing breast milk as your body thinks it’s no longer necessary. Losing weight after child birth is more difficult than normal occasions.


Baby-sitting is a 24/7 job!

Exercising is a good way to lose weight, however, taking care of new born babies is a 24/7 business and you will have neither time nor energy left for the exercise. Unless you can afford to hire someone for baby-sitting and hire a private trainer for exercising at home, it would be very difficult to make time for exercising.
Furthermore, breast-feeding can be a cause of constipation as the body tend to be dehydrated, and this will make your body gain weight easily. Also, while breast-feeding, you can’t take strong constipation medicines, herbal medicines as well as tea.


About pregnant women’s constipation and its counter-measurements

Unstoppable appetite, lack of exercises and constipation. This is a worst environment for dieting.


First, fix constipation!

First and foremost, baby’s health is the priority, so please eat good amount of well-balanced meals. Avoiding stress is important in this period, so you shouldn’t force yourself to commit exercises. However, you had better to fix constipation as soon as possible.
“Nakakirei Enzyme” is made of the ingredients which you intake through your meals. Therefore breast-feeding women can safely take it. Constipation can be causes of rough skin, poor physical health, as well as organ damage. It’s obvious that mothers get no benefit from keep constipation.
While breast-feeding, the metabolism is high, and as long as you keep good circulation of your body, energy consumption naturally increases.
Taking supplements doesn’t take much time. If you want to act like “I gave a birth but gained ZERO weight”, please try it.


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