There are people who have super human abilities and make me wonder what they eat to get to the level.

For example, Kei Nishikori, a Japanese professional tennis player. One tennis match takes about 2 hours, and when fighting against a strong opponent, he may have to keep running, hitting the ball, jumping and smashing leaping forehand shots during the whole match.

In addition, players only have a few minutes break between change of ends. Unlike football games, there are only one or two players on the tennis court, so they have zero break. Nishikori has ranked No.4 in the world, and this is simply amazing. A former Japanese professional tennis player, Shuzo Matsuoka got really excited when Nishikori made it and I can totally see why.

According to the Nikkan Sprots News, this is nothing to do with tennis or sports though, Nishikori is a distant relative of Tetsuya Watari and Tsunehiko Watase. “Really?”, you may say. Please don’t say “so what?”.


How to build muscles necessary for dieting or firming up body shape

For athletes, eating is more like work rather than pleasure. Considering their exercise load, they must take much more calories than ordinary people in order to sustain their body and health. I assume they need to take a substantial amount of carbohydrate.

Apart from the energy for keep fighting in the match, foods that help them build the body bulging with muscles are also very important. There are a variety of nutrients that support building muscles, and among them, the most important one is protein. Especially, chicken breast, ham and fillet of cow and pork (red meat), mackerel, swordfish, soy bean and egg white are low in fat and contains excellent protein.

This is not only good for athletes but also good for women who wants to lose weight. Taking good protein while doing appropriate exercises will reduce wobbly bits of the body and firm up the muscles.


Foods that firm up your body

Brown rice and rice cereals are better carbohydrates than white rice. Banana and apple are better than orange and strawberry. Cereal bread is better than white bread.

When it comes to lipid, olive oil is the best. Do not use salad oil or butter for grilled dishes. Please remember that even you are on a diet, you should take some good oil in order to keep your skin and hair beautiful.

Eat deep colored vegetables. Spinach, the Popeye’s favorite (Young people may never have heard of him, and his girlfriend’s name is Olive.), tomato, carrot, and broccoli are recommended. Furthermore, mushrooms and seaweeds are low in fat so you don’t have to worry about taking too much calories.


To build muscles, be cautious about variety, amount, and the way of taking protein

It is said that we need 2g of protein per 1kg of body weight for building muscles. It means, a person who weighs 50kg needs to take 100g of protein.

However, eating only chicken breast will not work well on muscle building. There are various types of proteins, so taking only one kind cause harm to maintain good nutrients’ balance.
If you would like to build good muscles, you should eat different types of protein every day, for example, if you eat some chicken breast today, eat fillet tomorrow, then eat soy beans the day after.

Pardon? You don’t want to become neither an athlete nor masculine? Just want me to inform you some healthy foods? Well, I got it then.


Healthy food is good for intestine

There are plenty of healthy foods so I can’t inform you about them all at once, (and I have already written a lot of Nishikori and muscle related stories in this blog) so I will tell you about the foods that improve intestinal environment.

The intestinal environment directly affects our health, and in order to maintain the condition, we need to increase the number of good bacteria.

Miso, fermented soybean and yogurt are the best foods that support the work of good bacteria, but grains, potatoes, beans, root vegetables, mushrooms, and sea weeds are also good.

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