When the body stops losing weight, the motivation towards diet disappears.

The reason I can’t continue to commit dieting is because my motivation disappears in the middle. In the beginning, I experience a fast weight loss but after a while, but after a while it stops. This is really disappointing.

This is like my favorite baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp enjoys successive victories in the beginning of the season but keeps losing after a while. Disappointing, really. (Maybe this isn’t the case!)
Yesterday, a pitcher Oserra did a great job, but their buts didn’t strike fire.

Well, returning to the subject, it’s not difficult to lose weight in the beginning. You will eat less and do more exercise, and you will experience a fast weight loss in a short period of time. Your friends may notice about your weight loss and ask you that “Have you lost your weight?” I know everybody wants to hear this!

However, after a while, you will experience a diet plateau.


Why do we suddenly stop losing weight?

First of all, why do our bodies stop losing weight? This is because our bodies send alert signals to the brain to notify about the weight loss in order to keep us alive.
You may say to your body that “No, no, I want to lose weight so please do not disturb my efforts!”, but sorry. It will not cooperate with you.
Our bodies determine to act to keep us alive in emergency, and the will is as stubborn as a grumpy old-fashioned further.

When experiencing a sudden weight loss, our bodies think something wrong is happening inside and try to put back on weight. This is why our bodies stops losing weight against our will.

However, you don’t want to fail a diet, do you? I think playing a trick on your body may be an effective method. .

You know, this is like being in a romantic relationship. How to handle the situation when it’s stuck is the most important thing!


How to get off the diet plateau

The purpose of dieting is not just losing weight, but reducing surplus fat to make your body better-shaped. Well-shaped figure with beautifully firm muscles is ideal.

Having a curvy body, a small face and beautiful legs is maybe considered ideal for women, and inverted triangular-shaped body with muscular chest is for men in Japan.

Considering this, losing weight itself may be not so important, but losing surplus fat and building necessary muscles is the key to make your body well-shaped.


Tips to get off the diet plateau

Even though you are in the middle of diet plateau, you don’t have to change things you usually do, but just do some exercises, and continue to be cautious about your daily diet. Building muscles through appropriate exercises makes your metabolism faster, and as a consequence the fat will decrease. Furthermore, regulating calorie consumption accelerates to burn fat.

Accelerating digestion and absorption is an important point here. We need to eat something to maintain our lives, therefore, we need to create a healthy digestion and absorption cycle and get rid of waste from our bodies as fast as we can.

Considering these points, we had better to eat well-balanced meals when the body stops losing weight. When the diet becomes ill-balanced, this may cause deterioration of skin condition. Shortage of meat intake leads your body to animal protein deficiency. As a result, your body won’t be able to build muscles.

Without having appropriate muscles, your body hardly burn fat, therefore, your metabolism will become slower. Having well-balanced diet and improving digestion are very important to dieting.

“Cyborg” seems almost like an obsolete word, but if you build a body like a cyborg, you can get a genuinely less-fattening constitution.

The dietary enzymes contained in miso support digestion in our bodies.
Please refer to another article for more details.

Add fresh water clams and white kidney beans to your dietfood.

Let’s keep a good metabolic cycle and try a healthy and fast-fat burning diet.


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